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The best ptc sites

The best ptc sites blog was created for those of you that want to know more about  paid to click sites, about how to avoid the scam ptc sites or the ones that are slowly becoming scams, also about the best ptc sites which worth investing time, energy and even money…

This blog is still in development, so I’ll be adding on a regular basis new posts to help you make some real money with the best ptc sites and also with other free programs.

I’ll stick to the point and present you what do you have to do to earn money from paid to click sites and I’ll present you a list with the most genuine ptc sites on the Internet.

First of all you have to check the post with “Things To Do Before Joining” (it’s on the right side of the blog ‘The Best PTC Sites’ under ‘All about ptc sites’ category) to make sure you can join a ptc site.

Then you have to click on the links below to register with the free ptc sites that I personally use and by which I’ve been paid several times already.

Every ptc site comes with an objective description (you can see the features just by clicking on the names I’ve listed below as well as the “read more” links), I’ve attached two payment proofs for each free ptc site and also links and banners to register directly.

Here are listed my trusted ptc sites:

1. Clixsense


Clixsense has 4 years of online presence and it is one of the best ptc sites on the internet(if not the best). If you make money with other ptc sites don’t waste a second thinking if it’s a good thing to join this site or not!

This is the REAL DEAL, you will make more money with this one than from all the other ptc sites combined.

Its admin is also the admin at …[read more]

2. NeoBux


This is one of the most trusted ptc sites on the internet with over 3 million members registered.

The website started the activity in March 2008 and paid every member since then. What is special about this ptc website is that payments are processed instantly, meaning that you request your payment and in 5 seconds, it’s in your Alertpay or Paypal account …[read more]

3. BuxP

This is another trusted ptc site and it’s on a good place in my top. It was registered on 25th may 2008 and now it has well over 30000 active members.

As most of the ptcs it has 2 types of membership: Standard (Free) Premium ($39.99/year) As a standard member you can earn…[read more]

4. Clicksia

This website was registered on 17th august 2007 and now it has over 24400 active members.

You can earn with Clicksia by clicking on ads, reading ads and signing up for different offers. As a standard member you can earn…[read more]

5. Incentria

This PTC is owned by the same person that owns the ptc

Actually it is a twin website because: -it has the same fees for clicks, reading ads and signups as Clicksia; -it has the same fee for upgrades as Clicksia; -the payout is at $1…[read more]

If you want to join more legit ptc sites visit – Paying PTC Sites

These paid to click  sites are free to join and free to use, but you will still have to invest a little bit of your time and a little bit of your energy to make it profitable.

In the end that is the best part of these websites: you can earn a lot of money for free if you are determined enough.

Ok. Take a look around and discover how to really profit from these websites, how to choose paying ptcs, what tools do you need to speed up the process of making money with it, and a lot of other useful things…