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100 dollars per click Ptc Sites

100 dollars per click Ptc Sites

Do you want to earn 100 dollars per click?

I mean, for every single click on an ad in a ptc site you earn 100 bucks. Do you want to earn this kind of money for a single click?

Of course you want. 97% of all the people on this planet wants to make money this way(without any effort).

But, the real question is not if you want to earn 100 dollars per click on an ad or reading a single email? The real question is: – Is this possible?

Are these sites that claim they will pay you $100 for a single click pay? Are they legit?

And of course the asnwer is a simple and BIG – NO! No one will pay you 100 dollars for a single click, so stop fantasizing and get caught in these online traps.

Don’t be a fool and/or naïve like so many people and stop wasting your valuable time(or money) with these scams. Understand that no one will pay you $100 for such a small an insignifiant task, like clicking an ad.

Why do you think I wrote this article and chose this title? Because a lof of people ask me, comment on this blog and send me emails with questions like:

-can I earn $100 per click?

-are these sites that pay $100 per email legit?

And others send me a bunch of sites that claim they will pay you 100 dollars for each ad and ask me if they are legit… Sites like:,,,,…etc

Look, if these sites were legit and really paid 100 bucks for reading a lousy email I and many others will be billionaires in no time and the people that open these sites will go bankrupt overnight.

So, please stop thinking that this is true, cuz it’s not! To become rich you will need to have a vision, a good plan for making that vision a reality and work hard daily, you need to have good habits and disciplines in place and faith in yourself and in the fact that you will get what you want.

So, why are these sites claiming that they pay $100 per ad then? The answer is very simple: to get your money.

They lie that they pay so much for so little action and set the cashout limit too high so you will not have the option to cashout and see the site as it is, a big lie and many naïve people use their hard earned money to upgrade in order to cashout faster. This is the real truth behind these sites.

And the payment proofs that you see on these sites are faked. The truth is no one is paid, the single person that make money with a site like this is the owner, or shall we say the scammer.

So, please don’t waste your time with such sites and let others know about this too.

Your time is the most valuable asset you have(more valuable than money). You see, you can make money and lose money and make a ton of money back in a short period of time, but you can’t go back in the past to change things and you don’t live on this Earth and infinite life. You’re time here is limited, use it wisely.

Stop wasting it by wishing and fantasizing to $100 per click ads. Get real and don’t let scammers fool you from now on.

I didn’t want to upset or hurt people fellings with this article. I just want to let others know about these scams and I hope all this online madness(all these scams) will stop in the future.


2 Responses to 100 dollars per click Ptc Sites

  1. katie says:

    so far they credit your account each email you read and send you 10 emails a day. they been online for over 2 years like richgoPTC and etc. i m trying them out for free so we will see if they pay i just started last week with them.

    • Claudiu says:

      Hi katie,

      I know that it’s a late replay, but if you see it stop using these sites cuz this is a total waste of your time and believe me when I say that time is the biggest asset we have(yep, even bigger than money :D )…

      Kind regards,

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