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BuxP is another trusted ptc site and it’s on the seventh place in my top.

It was registered on 25th may 2008 and now it has well over 30000 active members.

As most of the ptcs it has 2 types of membership:

Standard (Free)

Premium ($39.99/year)

As a standard member you can earn $0.005/click and $0.0025 for your referrals clicks.

As a premium member you can earn $0.01/click and 0.005/referral click.

As a standard member you can receive 18-20 ads/day and as a premium member you will receive at least 25 ads/day.

The payments are processed through AlertPay at a minimum amount of $7.99. It takes 7 days to receive the money as a premium member and 45 as a standard. has a forum where you can discuss all the problems you face during the activity.


  • you can bring as many referrals as you can;
  • you can buy referrals from;
  • there is a registering bonus of $0.05;
  • you can contact your referrals as a premium member;
  • you can earn 7.5% commission for the advertiser you bring to


  • you have to wait 45 days as a standard member to receive the money.

Here are a few payment proofs:

I believe this website is trustworthy and it has paid me so far.

payment proof 1

payment proof 2

You can join accessing the banner below:


12 Responses to BuxP

  1. crmartell says:

    Hey moneyforclicks… I just joined buxp using your referral! I hope you make lots of bucks with it!! Maybe you could visit my site and and check out some of my ads??

    • admin says:

      Hi Crmartell,

      Thanks for joining Buxp through my affiliate link and for visiting my blog and commenting on it! is a very good site, it paid me every time I requested a cashout. I’m sure you will like this site.

      Thanks again!

      Kind Regards,
      The best ptc sites admin

  2. vrkrishnannair says:

    BUXP is great, I am just learning its working now But it is indeed a honest and selfless people’s site where helping others financially is the aim not hoarding money by bluffing and tall talk, Kudos. I( will write again after getting some payment)

  3. Faisal says:

    Admin what is going on here on buxp i am working and when i made 0.182 then suddenly my accounts revert back to 0.005 and it says that

    15 Jun 2012 15:48 -0.177 Balance Cheat Link – Balance Reset

    what i cheat it :(

  4. Faisal says:

    oh yes i got it there is in buxp ad category there is one category named AUTOCLICK & CHEAT DETECTOR – DO NOT CLICK LINKS IN THIS CATEGORY

    and i click that link may be that is why my account reset :(

    • admin says:

      Hi Faisal,

      Sorry for this late late reply! In buxp at the end of all ads you have a cheat detector link with the next text: “Do not visit this link – This Link will Reset your Balance to Zero!” As you see from the text if you click the link you will lose your earnings, so be careful next time when you click links in this site…I always start clicking the links from the bottom of the page up, this way I avoid clicking that link.

      Kind Regards,
      The best ptc sites admin

  5. Daniel says:

    I love your site. It’s educative and informative… Well i’d like to add some sites that are REAL SCAM. They are-,, I requested for my earnings and its over 70days now my earnings wasn’t sent to me. I will post the new ones i was introduced to. One of them has paid me twice (0.24cent)and (0.20) making 0.44cents, and i’m about to try the second site if they pay. Thanks for reading.

    • admin says:

      Hi Daniel,

      Thank you very much for taking the time to comment on this blog and for helping people to not get scammed again.
      Have a nice day, and please do revisit us often coz I will update this blog and very soon I will give for Free, to all the readers that subscribe to my newsletter, a Free system that will get them lots and lots of referrals in ptc sites ,traffic exchanges and all kinds of other programs on a daily basis…
      By the way, next time when you want to share scam sites please comment on this post – Ptc Scam Sites List Thanks!

      Kind Regards,
      The best ptc sites admin

  6. I am really happy with BuxP and vouch for this site as well. It is the favorite site that I use and I have had no trouble getting payments from it.

  7. Gustavs says:

    This is great PTC site! Very fast earning! Join! Cheers!!

  8. Rew says:

    Definitely agree that BuxP is a great site (I don’t vouch for many PTC’s). However, I think your post needs some updating. BuxP now has instant cashouts available after your first regular one (the 45 days wait does blow). The ads have also changed, there are now $.001, $.005, and $.006 for standard members and $.011, $.01, and $.002 for upgraded members. I’d also like to note that the 18-20 ads per day is a bit of low ball at this point. BuxP is by far the most active PTC I’m a part of. Overall you’ve done a great review of BuxP, thank you.

    • Claudiu says:

      Hi Rew,

      Thanks again for your helpful input. Right now I’m a little busy with another project, but in a few days I think I will make some time to do some changes to this article. Thanks again and have a very nice day!

      Best Regards,

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