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Cashtowns – the best real cash strategy game of 2013

Cashtowns – the best real cash strategy game of 2013

Cashtowns it’s a new real cash rts strategy game. It will be launched very soon and the website where you can read more about this game and even open an account to play it(of course this will be possible after its lunch) is

To have an idea on how this game will look like watch the short video below:

When can I play this rts game?

Right now this game is alpha tested with 50-60 players or something along this numbers and until its lunch(January 2013) the admin wants to fix all the bugs and have a fully functional site and I think this will happen, because a lot of players are waiting to play this game and in a few seconds you will understand way.

If you want to be an alpha tester and see how this game looks like on the inside you can create and account on their forum(you have a link on the same site that goes to the forum) and request to be an alpha tester or wait to receive and invitation code.

You need to understand though that the game right now it’s not fully developed and if the admin lets you play the game as an alpha tester you will need to report some bugs and help the game be launched ASAP.

By the way, the admin of this site is the same owner of Anno1777 and if you want to play it you will need to create an account on and be verified with one of the methods presented there.

This needs to be done to eliminate clone accounts. Very soon I will create a post on this subject.

Can we earn money with Cashtowns?

Ok, so you may be asking – why do even write about this game if we are interested to make money online?

This is a very good question and the answer is this:
I’m sure you heard till now that you can play games online for money, I wrote about 2 of these games on this blog and Anno1777 is one of them. Well the same thing applies with Cashtowns.

You will open an account and when you play you will earn virtual currency and then you can change the virtual currency in real money in your bank account. The proccess is really simple and you will have all the explanations for doing this on website.

From what I’ve seen you will earn gold when you play the game and you will have the option to change every 20 gold you earned in 1 euro. So for example if you have 200 gold in your account you can change it in 10 euro. I’m not sure what will be the minimum cashout amount(or what methods will be used for this), but I think it will be 10 or 20 euro.

Do you need to invest money to earn money with Cashtowns?

You will have the option to play this game for free, after you verify your account on cashtrusted and as long as you don’t violate the site TOS of course, but if you really want to catapult your success with this site you should invest some money to develop your account faster.

And don’t think that this makes this site scam, cuz it’s not. Ptc sites do it, a ton of other types of sites do it(give you the option to upgrade, or invest money to earn more money).

In almost everything you do you can do the things faster and better if you invest money. And the same thing will happen with this game.

As I mentioned above you can play it as long as you want without any investments whatsoever, but to develop your account faster and earn more money and have more fun it’s a wise idea to invest some money :)

So, what do you need to do in this game?

Many of the futures of resembles with the futures of the rts strategy games Grepolis or Travian, but from what I’ve seen and heard this will be a more interesting and social game and an extra benefit that will attract many players will be the fact that you can earn real money for playing the game.

cashtowns real cash strategy online game The essence of this game is to develop your own town and gather an army with which you can atack other towns. When you will win the battles with other towns you will earn influence in gold from them.

It’s not easy to develop your own town and gather a decent army.
This will take time, but if you like to play rts games I’m sure you will have no problem with this.

Besides this you can buy game shares if you want and have the necessary funds and you will earn dividends on them.

This is only a short description of this amazing online strategy game that soon will be launched, but I’m 100% sure this site will give you the option to do a ton of other things to earn money and have fun at the same time.

I hope you like this article and you are eager and look forward to play Cashtowns as much as I do.

That’s it for now. I’ll see you inside and be prepared to have your town annihilated :)


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