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GalaxyPtc is a very very new, hot and legit paid to click site.

It was launched a few hours ago(02.11.2013) by Carl Reising the same owner of,,

From what I experienced in his other sites I know for sure that this ptc will grow fast and the owner will always pay on time, so you can sign up without hesitation, because this ptc will be Big.

This new paid to click site is not the usual ptc, it runs on a LMFTE script with a few special modifications to it. Instead of viewing one page and earn $0.001 for example and then closing the page to view another and so on, in this site you view one page after another, simillar to what is happening in a paid to surf traffic exchange, until you hit the limit of pages for your membersip.

You will know when you hit the limit, because you will see an image like the one below:

GalaxyPtc Surf Limit

The great news is that you can earn much more money from your own clicking compared with other ptc sites.

If you’re not good at referring new members you can still make a few dollars each month by your own.

Galaxyptc has 3 types of memberships: Free, Extreme and Owner.

As a free member you can view/surf 100 ads/pages a day with a 5 second timer and you earn $0.01 for each 10 pages you view.

And besides this you have surf rewards too. So if you surf all your pages daily as a free member and claim the surf rewards for 100 pages of $0.01 you earn daily $0.11(11 cents) from your own surfing in just a few minutes of your time.

As I already mentioned this site is not like other ptc sites, for example in this site your earnings will not be credited automatically to your account after you viewed 10 pages.

After each 10 pages you will see a page where you can claim your cash earnings with a single click. Be sure that you click on that image, otherwise you will not earn money.

I didn’t clicked on one of the Prize pages and I lost $0.01, but even so I’m pretty happy with my earnings for this day from my own clicking.

GalaxyPtc Earnings

GalaxyPtc Earnings

If you upgrade you can surf way more pages(I think 1000 pages, that’s what I saw in the surf rewards section) and with the highest upgrade you earn $0.02 for each 10 pages you view, this is huge when it comes to earnings from your own clicks in a ptc.

In most ptc sites as an upgraded member you earn $0.04 – $0.10 per day from your own clicking. Here you can earn the same amount of money with a fraction of the ads your membership offers.

You can buy a monthly upgrade from the members area or even better if you have some money you can make a wise investment in a very cheap Lifetime upgrade in my humble opinion on the OTO page and then you will earn a nice income every month without paying another dime.

The Owner Lifetime Upgrade is the best choice – you get $0.02 for each page you view and way better commissions and earnings from your referrals.

I’m not sure how much you can earn from referrals clicks, but you can earn money from the OTO Upgrades and Credit purchases your referrals will make and you even earn ptc credits every month with all three Memberships.

Here is an image too see exactly what each Membership has to offer:

GalaxyPtc Memberships

GalaxyPtc Memberships

The minimum cashout is just $5 and this can be done through Paypal.

I don’t have a Payment proof yet :) , but I will post one or two payment proofs in the near future.

If you’re not a member of yet, click on the banner below and check this ptc out, I’m sure you will not be disappointed:

Thanks for taking the time to read this review and I wish you great earnings with Galaxyptc.

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