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How Much Can You Earn From Ptc Sites

How Much Can You Earn From Ptc Sites

How Much Can You Earn From Ptc Sites

This was the question that came in my mind when I’d found the ptc sites for the first time. Now, the answer for this question is different from one ptc to another.

For example if you click on 6 ads/day each bringing you $0.01 and with $0.01 earned for every referral click, here’s what you will have at the end of the day:

$0.06 for your clicks


$1.20 for your referrals clicks (let’s say you have only 20 referrals)

Then, your daily earnings will become $1.26; your monthly earning will be $ 37.8; annual earning….well you got the point…

This example was for only 6 ads per day and only 20 referrals, but usually there is nothing stopping you from getting more and more people signup to these kind of websites, and also usually there are more than 6 ads per day on a free membership (a paid membership brings you either more ads per day either better paid ads).

Now you can say ….”I don’t know how to bring referrals” and still you would have no problem at all because you can buy referrals, or even rent them from your ptc site. There is still a downside to renting referrals, and that is – some of them will be inactive therefore will not help you too much, so you could start renting small packages of refs, see how they work and then pass on to a bigger package.

Most of all you shouldn’t rush in buying refs if you do not trust the ptc 100%. First search for information about that ptc, then test it and only after you had no problems with it you can go further with buying/renting refs.

36 Responses to How Much Can You Earn From Ptc Sites

  1. VIJAY BHASKER says:

    HI Team , iam vijay from hyd im intrested to work on paid $ on clikc.

    is thir any Opportunity

    • admin says:

      Hi VIJAY,
      The opportunities are the websites that really pay the members…go to the “Paying ptc sites” post and start from there.
      Hope to hear from you soon

  2. VIJAY BHASKER says:

    And also is thir chance getting free membership after earning they can cut from my pay ?

    • admin says:

      All the ptc websites have free memberships. I don’t understand the question exactly… cutting the pay without reason would certainly be a sign that the website is a scam.

  3. leiah says:

    can you tell me some good sites that let you rent refferals? I love neobux and i wanted another site like it??

    • admin says:

      Hi Leiah,
      you can rent referrals from any ptc website i’ve listed on the “Paying ptc sites”, but ptc sites that have a click ratio like neobux or aproximately, are these: Tuibux, Buxwiz, Palmbux and
      All the best!

  4. Marg says:

    why is tuibux website down?

  5. [...] is and if you want to know exactly how they can influence your monthly income please check the How much can you earn [...]

  6. Farmblood says:

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  7. is there any faithful site where i can work and earn. suggest me.
    thanking you


  8. PTC sites don’t pay 100% of ref earnings unless you’ve paid for a membership

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  13. santosh says:

    hi i have earn money from dis site n i finished minimum payout also now i want 2 withdraw money from d website, so there is no payout option what 2 do now

  14. nawaz says:

    plz tell me is awsurvey is a scam or it,s working well

  15. arun says:

    thanks for your valuable information. really it will help people those who want to earn money from online jobs. please tell me some survey sites that pays money

  16. djlunix says:

    hi folks the best web site for earning money is onbux :P

  17. Moe Oo says:

    hi i just want to how to get direct referrals and how to make other people join
    through my link. for renting referrals, m i done by renting these referrals and get paid if the joined members r active?

  18. bobbydavis says:

    I just loved your blog, this was just the kind of thing I was searching for. I have recently become your referral on a number of sites. You said setting up a blog/website was a good way to get new referrals and I want to do that. I wanted your permission to use some of your ideas for my own blog, could you please let me know if you would let me do that?

    • admin says:

      Hi boobydavis,

      Thank you very much for your kind words and I apologize for replying so late to your comment…
      You can use these ideas for your blog, but don’t copy them word by word, try to put them in your own words.
      And if you want to put on your blog a couple of articles of mine without making changes to them please put the url of the original articles on my blog at the end of the articles.

      Thank you.

  19. mayur says:

    you got very nice template. can you send me the code of your tempelate on my email …..
    Help is appreciated,

  20. saffo says:

    kindly tell e briefly explain me that how can i earn with PTC sites from a to z thnaks
    urgent need
    from saffo john

    • admin says:

      Hi John,

      Well, if you read the articles on this blog you will understand exactly what you need to do to earn money from ptc sites.

      To make a long story short you need to join legit ptc sites and then get as much direct referrals as you can for all of them and in some of them you need to upgrade and even rent referrals.

      Depends from site to site. On some ptc sites is better to upgrade and rent referrals, on others it’s not a god idea to invest money, only to bring a lot of direct referrals.

      To get direct referrals please start with this article:

      I hope this helps…

      Kind Regards,
      The best ptc sites admin

  21. mirza says:

    Can you tell me whether vip dollar bux is scam or paying.
    I earned 15(this is minimum payout)and requested for payout.
    It shows

    Payout request refused
    The payout maximum for your account is 20000% of your investment. As your investments is $0.00, the maximum amount you can request here is $0.00.


    • vecky says:

      They are big scam. Almost 95% ptc sites are scams. Many ptc sites come and go but there are handful of ptc programs where you can earn real good money. A legit ptc site pays you from 0.001$ to 0.02$ depending on membership type. To be successful with ptc sites, you need to have a large bank of referrals and an upgraded membership. Renting referrals is a good option for those who can not refer others.

  22. Lincon says:

    vipdollarbux, usabigbux, newyorkbux these ptc sites are trusted or scam?
    if u know about this ptc sites plz inform me.

  23. seogame says:

    To make a long story short you need to join legit ptc sites and then get as much direct referrals as you can for all of them and in some of them you need to upgrade and even rent referrals.

  24. silvia says:

    Hello, i am new to the ptc sites and trying to figure out a way to rent referrals for freebiejeebies but maube it’s out of target. do you have any tips? don’t need many…



    • admin says:

      Hi Silvia,

      You can rent people only in ptc sites. You can’t rent them from ptc sites in freebiejeebies or other types of sites. You need direct referrals for freebiejebeeies, people who will join the site using your affiliate link.
      To get referrals, read some of the post in the Referrals for the ptc sites…You can start with sites like downlinerefs, getref to get some referrals, click on the link for more info =>

      Kind Regards,
      Claudiu Baciu
      the best ptc sites admin

  25. dan says:

    Congratulations for your post. Another site is link removed
    You’ll not make a lot of money but working daily…

    • admin says:

      @Dan I don’t accept spam, if you want to comment on this blog please do it, but don’t just write 2 words and leave your affiliate link…Thanks for the visit though

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