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Incentria is owned by the same person that owns the ptc Actually it is a twin website because:

-it has the same fees for clicks, reading ads and signups as Clicksia;

-it has the same fee for upgrades as Clicksia;

-the payout is at $1…

The only difference is that there is no forum.

Although this is usually a sign for scam ptcs, Incentria is a trusted ptc and it has paid its members so far without delays. There are no complaints and no significantly issues that remained unsolved.

Here are two payment proofs from Incentria:

payment proof 1

payment proof 2

You can open an account clicking on the banner below:


2 Responses to Incentria

  1. rafia says:

    I have paid by in 2008, and i draw 1 dollar through paypal. so it is a true site

  2. Yeap, I have just been paid for the 8th time by Incentria. This is certainly a legit paid to click site.

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