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Is probux a scam? My honest Probux review

Is probux a scam? My honest Probux review

I will make a little probux review and answer to the question that many people have lately about it: Is probux a scam?

Probux was one of the sites were most people earned money(instead of losing it) and everything was wonderful and everyone and their mother posted beautiful comments with payment proofs about this miracle ptc all over the internet, until a while ago when things changed…

They started banning legit folks as soon as they were hitting the cashout button, saying that they are hackers, or they violate some sort of rule.

And don’t get me wrong, not all people are banned when they withdraw money, only a part of them. Why? Because our dear Probux admin wants to see some stupid people posting payment proofs online and do some extra promotion for his scam site and still keep some social proof alive, he wants us to believe that this site is still legit.

And that’s not all. The average of the rented referrals started to suck and right now they’re no good at all. You lose more money than you make with rented referrals in Probux and a ton of people complain in the site forum and on many other forums and sites related with ptc sites.

Some people complain that every other day some money disappear from their account balance. Guess where the money goes? Don’t tell me, I know…

Another thing I don’t like at this site is that you only can withdraw money with the payment processor that you used to invest the most money and things like this that only confuses people:

And to make things even worst than they are, right now the people can’t withdraw the money that they earned, clicking like slaves in this scammy site, when they want, they need to do it only at 00:00 or 12:00 server time.

And as you probably guess, most of the times you can’t withdraw the money even when you try it at those hours. Why? Because you will see a message like this one: “The daily limit for transfers via PayPal today has been exceeded. Please try again at 00:00 or 12:00 server time.”

Are you kidding me? You can only withdraw your money at a certain second of the day and this can be done only if the daily limit for transfers is not exceeded?

Hahahaa, this smells like scam from a mile. Anyway here is my answer to the question above: Yes…Probux is scam!

And you need to be blind to not see it. There are a lot of things wrong with this site and a ton of complaints all over the internet and I will share some of them with you to convince you to stay away from this site.

But even if you don’t read other’s people complaints, if you join Probux and stay active for a month or two you will come with some complaints of your own, and maybe if your force yourself to hard and you stand out from the Probux crowd by asking questions and posting sensitive things about this site on their forum, your account will receive a permanent ban, before hitting the cashout button :D

Here are a couple of posts about this site and some things that people commented about lately(every comment has its source cited too at the end of the comment or post):

You probably heard about ptc-investigation by now… On this site you can find reviews to almost any ptc and if you want just click on the next link and read a little Probux review and read some of the comments posted by the readers of that article to see exactly if this ptc is worth your time and attention.

You can find more negative feedback here –

The next ones are from the Probux forum(after each comment or thread you will have the url where you can see those posts, if some of them don’t work anymore is because Probux deleted them):

I still can not make a payment. Because this is still posted here.The daily limit for transfers via PayPal today has been exceeded.Please try again at 00:00 or 12:00 server time.
And that’s the second day. By now it was already two times 12:00 to 24:00 What is this? This may not be so good.
Open or white it to my Paypalladresse. mfg Ute” – by Sarahjane – this is the url where you can find the above post.

I have reached the maximum Cashout of $5.00. But after trying for two days to cash out via Paypal. It just says I can’t cashout because the daily limit for cashing out has been reached. Some members are also experiencing this.Please fix this Probux.” – by angelicanuez

please fix this if possible.” – by tomysole

it’s been almost 2 months ago that paypal has stopped working properly in this PTC! They said for may they would have solved any problems about that! Today is 4 may and we can’t use paypal as well. What do you think about that?” – by maxi84

Here’s another one

I have had marks that my intended DR hasn’t been addressed to me. When they have arrived this site with my referral link and registerated they have not become mine. Now I heard that those who has become mine have had to put manually my name. Is that what I should keep remainding now on?” – by FinJurri

1 person joined under my referral link but not showing in my direct referrals. what should i do for this?? please help” – by shahnilaa

yes you are right 3 persons signup under my link but i got only 2 direct link.If you are expert in probux and have better earning please give your valuable guidline to me” – by mintu123

Same Problem With me…… 2 people joined under my referral link but didnt become direct referral… wht is hapng….” – by smileysfg

Here is another interesting comment:

i want to aware all member dont join probux .. they will suspend your account at the time of cashout .. i m golden member since 8 months with referals345 and at the time of my first cashout they suspended my account i lost my money of 200$.i have not recover my ROI . they are cheating with there members be aware of that site. dont invest there ..they will suspend ur account without any reason.. and after u request for support they will say create anoyther account and you can proceed with us.. they are earning with cheat policy.” – by Kafia Nasim

And here si the url where you can find the above comment –

And another cool one

it will go off soon, they take some earnings from your balance like 0.007 (I have clicked 7 ads to get this!!!) without you notice. Now imagine they do this to thousands of clients, pretty good for them yeah?
It happened to me. first time I thought I was wrong, on 3rd time I asked then and they closed my account !!!
This is not from a honest admin!!

You found the above comment at –

Another great mini article about this one of a kind ptc named Probux you can find at –

One of the worst things that could happen to you too if you join or stick around this scammy site too much:

I was a gold member and they just suspended my account when I tried a $50 withdrawal to Liberty Reserve. There seems no way to appeal.” – by DJB – comment at –

This is the last one:

probux is certainly a scam who get their work done from clickers without paying them.They ban members for no reason under one pretext or the other.So dont waste time there for mere fractions of pennies.” – by zaqrana

As you see, here on this page you have a lot of material about this “great ptc” so you can make your own decision about it, but my warm recommendation is to stay away from it, run as far as you can from it and don’t get near this ptc again.

This was my honest Probux review and if you’re still wondering if it’s legit or not, let me reinforce what I already mentioned thus far – Probux is Scam – if you don’t like to be a victim of a scammer admin STAY AWAY! – the end of the story.

16 Responses to Is probux a scam? My honest Probux review

  1. Rew says:

    This is why I don’t trust sites under 3 years old. Its easy to make a site seem legit for a year and then completely crash or end up scam. Its really sad because even the ones that look super legit can go scam or crash in a heartbeat.

    I don’t trust young sites, and I’m even more skeptical of ANY Bux sites out there. Just because a huge amount of people join, cashout, and sing praises the first few months doesn’t mean its going to be a good PTC.

    • Claudiu says:

      Hi Rew,

      You’re totally right. I have the same attitude towards new ptc sites and anyone who reads this article and countless other articles about scam ptc sites can see why…
      Anyway, thanks for your input and I wish you the best with your new blog!

      • sem says:

        k i agree with u… i just wnna have a legit and true ptc site if u have some then pls share to us that links …tnx smuch

        • Claudiu says:

          Hi Sem,

          Sorry for replying so late. I was busy being busy lately, but now I’m back and I intend to write new articles on this blog. Anyway Thanks for your comment and here is an article I wrote with some legit ptc sites I use – and you have them on the home page of this blog too.
          I will create a page in the near future with all the legit ptc sites I use(10 -15 or more) and I will put the link for it in the horizontal menu under the header. Thanks again for your comment and have a great day!

          Kind Regards,

  2. acnancy says:

    that is too late i already invest 75 dollar …n ask probux check my acc.i ask my acc will suspend when withdraw payment?they said may be will suspend my acc when i withdraw and advise me open new acc….DAMN PROBUX IS BIG SCAM!!!!!!

  3. ritchie says:

    well just move on!

  4. Gaurav says:

    It has been brought to my notice that before uprading in probux, the click averages is good enough for one to earn, but upon upgrading to Golden, the average becomes substantially less.
    If people have experienced this, kindly let all know so that one can make a decision.


    • Claudiu says:

      Hi Gaurav,

      I can’t help you with the answer, cuz I don’t use this site, but anything is possible…

      Kind Regards,
      the best ptc sites admin

    • september says:

      Hi, I’m kinda scared. I didn’t do much research on this site and got blinded by good comments and proof of payments. And so I upgraded to Golden in matter in 15 days after registering. AND YES! I agree with Gaurav: my average was soaring before I upgraded and soared only until that day of the upgrade. Now, 2 days after and it was just half of what i used to get. U_U

  5. Hina Akbar says:

    I never believed those who said that probux suspended accounts without any reason. Until and unless I myself fall prey to this scam site. I joined probux two months back and was getting better earning than any other PTC site? I borrowed money upgraded there as I am poor girl and have no other ways of earning. I also requested them that I am new and if by mistake I commit something against your rule then please don’t ever ban me just give me warning I will never repeat the mistake again.
    Soon after I upgraded and also invested too much money in renting referrals. I was unable to understand the declining daily average. Daily low and low clicks. I had more than 400 referrals and not earning anything, one day I discussed that problem on forum. The moderator of forum immediately threatened me that don’t mourn here if you are not satisfied leave this site. We will ban you in future. This made me absolutely angry that why they are threatening me just because I ask help from seniors members to bring average up? I contacted support and protested at this? The support person replied we are different and our forum is different from us so you discuss your problems here. I send ticket to support with the same problem a couple of times each time they send me an automated response that do recycling along with a guide to recycle. I already had tried every technique for recycling but nothing was working. And one day I saw just 34 clicks I contacted them and said that now please don’t advice recycling tell me some genuine solution because for the last so many hours I got just 34 clicks with such a high number of referrals isn’t it pathetic? Just on that email to support they suspended my account without any email or warning. Even on asking that why you banned me and for how long I have to bear this suspension at least tell me, they didn’t tell. Isn’t it a big injustice? The admin is such a cheap person that he has no moral grounds he ban innocent people who remain absolutely honest to the site.

    I challenge him to face me if you he is not a scammer and undo my loss. Why he is hiding now if he is not a scam then come from mouse bill and tell why he suspended and even if he suspended why didn’t he replied my emails. Cheap small PTC with the biggest rascals ever. My money was not a stolen money like his whole life’s illegal empire. I invested more than 200 dollars and just get 20 dollars back. The day I with draw my first earning he set my account at no income from back end. These fraud ptc sites and the fraud admins have created millions of ways to deprive people of their investments but alas till date internet world could not develop a system to only allow those ptc sites who have their physical offices, addresses and everything open. And moreover there should be a monitoring authority to check criminal sites. After all eating money is not a small crime. There must be a monitoring authority where people like you and me can submit case so they can decide in favor of innocent party.

    From today this is my mission to convey truth to innocents as much as possible. I am openly and boldly informing public about this fraud admin of probux. Do join probux but as a standard member you will earn and you will be paid instantly but just beware never ever go for an upgrade there. It’s my sincere advice and you will always be thankful for this. No one on the entire net gonna tell you because usually people lose heart after such a big loss that they can’t get courage to raise voice and on the other hand the second kind People hide truth to get referrals so they intentionally trap others by telling fake stories of exaggerate earnings, this is such a shame. No one can imagine my sufferings and pain but I have collected myself to save other people from such criminals. Think one thousand and one times before investing in this cyber world.

  6. Ramesh R says:

    Yes Probux is scam…Your investigation is correct.
    Whatever you have mentioned has happened to me today.

    This is what happened today.

    1) I logged into Probux as usual and clicked the ads.
    2) Renewed by referrals.
    3) Cashed out to my Paypal account.
    4) The site displayed “Transaction successfully processed….”
    5) I checked my Paypal account. The ammount was not credited.
    6) Opened Probux. Firefox diplayed problem loading the page. Kept trying.
    7) After around 30 minutes the I was able to log in but was shocked to see the message ”
    TOC 1.4
    8) I do not have any other account in Probux nor Others do not use my PC. Then how it happened after I cashed out.

    Why such Scam sites are not banned and the admin not punished?

    • Claudiu says:


      Sorry for replying so late! and I’m sorry to read what has happened to you two.
      All I can say is be careful next time and read blogs like this, and forums and everything you can before joining a ptc or even worse invest money in it…

      @Ramesh life is not fair, but every loss can be converted in a gain if you learn something from it, because next time you will not make the same mistake again.

      Kind Regards,

  7. Linn says:

    Yes, I agree.. Probux plays games on people. Probux cheats money from updated members and pay few bucks to standard members just to discredit arguments. Probux is a Game, Scam. Stay away from Probux. I owe somethings to PTC investigation sites and this site. And people who share their experience as well. Because of you people, I stopped to upgrade my probux account. Thank you!

  8. Asad says:

    Probux is a Big Fraud

    When I got to 800 referrals my average click dropped suddenly to 200 and I Started loosing referrals. Probux deducted my balance for each referral I did not extend. This resulted in a negative balance. All my investment on membership and buying referrals is lost.

    Please do not invest in this site

  9. Pobi says:

    I don’t know but i have always been paid by this site till now & don’t know what happens in future……but ryt now YES, IT IS THE BEST PTC SITE…

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