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Ptc Referral Secrets 2 Review

Ptc Referral Secrets 2 Review

Ptc Referral Secrets 2 Review

Today I read PTC Referral Secrets 2.0 and I thought I should make a review about it for those of you thinking of purchasing it and have no idea what it is all about.

Frankly, the first version of this book ‘ptc referral secrets’ didn’t satisfy me very much because it presented very shortly-like in 7 pages or so- how you can get referrals for the ptc sites you are a member of using a free blog and 2 advertising networks similar to google adwords… but the second version is something totally different.

Ptc referral secrets 2.0 has 27 pages and it is very well thought and structured. This book can help even the biggest newbie amongst us to get referrals if he/she is up for investing some dollars in advertising.

With only $1 invested in the described method within the ebook you can obtain between 2 and 3 referrals for neobux (the most known ptc site and the most correct one in the same time – from my experience I can say …it is not easy at all to get referrals for this ptc site) and even more than 3 for the less known websites.

In only one day, depending on the amount of money with which you’re handling your advertising account, you can get over 100 referrals for more than one website in the same time.

In ptc referral secrets 2.0 everything is explained to the slightest detail so that you cannot miss steps therefor do a mistake. The only way you could not get referrals with this is not applying what you have read and make it forgotten in some corner of your computer.

These being said let’s see what advantages and disadvantages you will have using the method described in ptc referral secrets 2.0:

- It’s a paid method (you will have to invest some money using the method described there); everyday you will have to invest around $5 in advertising. The good part here is that you can always stop the advertising campaign and you will spend only the money you will add to the account- meaning: if you load the account with $15 you cannot spend more than that.

- You can get back your investment in just a couple of days from the clicks your referrals have clicked on
- You can get referrals for more than one website in the same time (to understand better from $1 you can earn with only $1 2-3 referrlas at neobux, 3 at palmbux, 5 at incrasebux and 2 at buxp all in the same time)
- You can use this to promote other products or services as well…
So, if you want to get referrals without too much of a headache in a relatively short period of time and you afford making an investment of $7 in ptc referral secrets 2.0 just click on the link below:

Sorry, but I don’t recommend this product anymore, it seems that the customer support is zero right now and many people said that they didn’t receive the download link for the ebook after payment.

Just remember that if you’re not comfortable with this method of getting referrals you can always use the many nb free ways of getting referrals(ways even discussed on the blog).
Thank you for reading this post and I wish you all the best.

PS: 2 people had problems downloading this book…
If you pay for it and encounter problems don’t worry(don’t receive the download link, can’t download it…) just leave me a comment bellow and I will send you the download link at your email address…


13 Responses to Ptc Referral Secrets 2 Review

  1. Chris says:

    Thanks I’m going to check out referral Secrets out!

  2. Antso says:

    Thank you very much – the ebook is really great aswell I think

    Best of luck! :)

    Kindly regards

  3. Eddie267 says:

    Im going to buy it right now hope its worth it

  4. Julia says:

    Dear most respected admin,
    Good afternoon.
    I just bought the book (am I late?) but I encountered a problem, however I have already sent a ticket to your support team but haven’t gotten a response yet. I am leaving a message here for the promise you made that you will send the download link to buyers’ email addy.
    Thanks for your attention.
    Best regards and more power,

    • admin says:

      Hi Julia,

      Sorry for this late reply and for the ugly situation that you went through with this ebook. I don’t know what is happening with that site. Anyway I had sent you a message with the download link in response to your paypal dispute, just verify you paypal account. If you have problems finding it write another message here and I will send you a email with the link.
      Thanks for letting me know and have a great week!


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  6. latha says:

    I bought this book. i paid for it. but i couldnt download it.
    sent a mail to support team. no response yet, thinking whether its a worth one.

  7. latha says:

    but my money got deducted. it didnt say that its not valid now. how will i get back my money. i mailed but no response. could you please help on this

    • Claudiu says:

      Hi again,

      I’ve sent you a message on your email address, please read it! If you didn’t received any message from me leave another comment here and I will send it again…

      Kind Regards,

  8. robert says:

    ok, I read the book but I am totaly confused. I don’t understantd how the system works. Can you explain me how the system works?

    I got stuck at page 15 where it says I have to add funds. Ok. But how much? 5 dollars is enough? How much direct referrals can the system bring to me with 5 dollars on Neobux?

    PLese hepl me!!

    • Claudiu says:

      Hi Robert,

      I don’t understand what are you talking about…What $5 in Neobux? This ebook it’s about advertising ptc sites on Bidvertiser, not in Neobux or other sites…and with only $5 you won’t get much referrals…

      Kind Regards,

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