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PTC Scam Sites List

PTC Scam Sites List

PTC Scam Sites List

This is a pretty long list of ptc scam sites. I recommend you check this list from time to time to avoid wasting your time or being scammed. The list was built by adding ptc scam sites that have wasted my time, and also ptc sites that other people complaint about.

The list of scam sites:


387 Responses to PTC Scam Sites List

  1. Very nice information. Thanks for this.

  2. kristine says:

    I’m glad I found this site. very helpful.

  3. Jayasiri says:

    Your attemt is hihgly appriciated because it is help to protect our time and money befor starting.
    i will hihgly appriciate you.

    what is idea about CHINA WELCOME PTC and Best Doller clicks. Those are scames or genuens.

    thanking you

  4. bala says:

    I join ” DONKEYMAILS ” and after i reached my payout of 1$ my account was suspended and the management has not revert back to several of my queries as i’m the only user for this particular IP address.
    So I think this also contribute to a scam PTC

  5. awiesinclair88 says:

    hello…this list is really helpful…
    thanks bro….you did great………=D

  6. Muhammad Usman Shabbir says:

    Hello… i have not started this practice . But trust me its really appreciated by me and other humanbeings if i ‘d send them . So, that they can say their time which is the most precious thing in the life .
    Usman Malik

  7. Alen Deril says:


    I want to know whether the Best Dollar Click and sweet ptr is a scam or genuens. Please reply.

    Alen Deril

  8. hasan says:

    can u plz tell me that which dollar click will be safe and genuine to use.

  9. bala says:”
    “ ”

    I’ve joined both these PTC for the last 3 months and after i reached my payout the button is not highligted or active and my queries to both the PTC was not reverted. And as per the terms and conditions i have to wait for 30 days for non paid members to received the payout and after 45 days the money has not been transferred yet.
    So I think this also contribute to a scam PTC’s


  10. tieutieu24 says:

    Hi! I d like to know if you heard about the and what you think about it…thanks

  11. Janeese says:

    Hi I have been doing now for about a month and I have reached my first withdrawl amount of $10,000.00 and almost at my second withdrawl….Can you tell me has anyone ever suceeded at this or is this a scam…Some say they have recieved the money and others are stiill waiting…They say it can take up to 60 days to recieve your money….HELP???

  12. aneeshya ps says:

    hi,i have been doing in now.for about 1 and half month i have reached my first withdraw amount of $1000 on 14.01.2010.but till now the amount is not transfered to my paypalm account.i want to know that this site is scam or genuine

  13. I paid $188 here and my account was never upgraded.
    All of them are rogues,thieves.

  14. milknhoney says: is just what the site says..It’s an advertising site you don’t get paid.

  15. rajath says:

    please send me about this

  16. rajath says:

    please send me about this ptc`s

  17. It is look like all ptc website are scams, btw thanks for info…

  18. mcphat says:

    this information really useful..

  19. sohail says:

    hy……………..i just want to knw….is ten dollar clik is scam or nt??????

  20. Darren says:

    Hi I to am interested to know if 10dollarclicks is a scam. Thanks.

  21. dear sir
    my name is meisnam khagemba i want to know whether tendollarclick a scam or please send me a mail

  22. untitled says:

    yeah i want to know that ten dollar click is scam or not too…. thankss…

  23. frank chiono says:

    I would like to know if ”” , “” , is a scam ? If anyone know’s anything about these sites please let me know, Thanks Frank.

  24. Evie says:

    Does anyone know about BuxMillionaire? I don’t want to upgrade without some feedback. Please let me know. Thank you, Evie.

  25. Gretch says: is a scam just when i was about to reach payout they blocked my ip and account as well. I tried opening it with a different computer I was able to access my account but I was able to open the site and register again. Beware of / Serentria.

  26. Gretch says:

    ooops typo error i meant i wasn’t able to access my acccount

  27. awmi says:

    is a scam?

  28. Umair says: is scam

  29. Umair says: is scam

  30. Umair says: is scam

  31. Umair says: is scam

  32. Umair says: is paying this site is not scam

  33. Afif says:

    tendollarclick is scam PTC..
    owner is known as SCAMMER..

  34. Afif says:

    after go through several reading
    i have made my conclusion
    PTC site that offer higher than $0.05 per click
    can be categorized as scam site..
    this is just my conclusion..

  35. Dane says:



    Be careful guys!

  36. arprecious says:

    i know a person who has an account of 9k plus….and if he withdraw it….tthen 10dollar is true….hhhmmmp?

    anyway,…thanks for the infos. :)

  37. Barbara says:

    I recently had a bad experience with click monster. I thought everyone should know about this. I joined this site to see how legit it was. I read the terms, ugraded to level 4 premium membership and clicked over 11,000 ads. With my clicks, and referral clicks, I earned $651.70. Being a shared revenue site, I knew I would not get $651.70 but based on the owner’s terms that premium members get paid back what they pay into the site, all of the premiums ads, etc, I figured that I would get over $50 or more back. Not only did I not get that much (I only received $9 … yes $9) but the owner posted on their “proof payment” section of their site that she paid me $651.70 when in fact she only paid me $9. Owner also indicated in my account stats as well that my “payments received” were $651.70 (again, I only received $9). This is deceiving and wrong to post fake proof payments. Owner is leading people to believe that she is actually paying members larger amounts than what they really receive from their cashout. MEMBERS AND THOSE LOOKING TO JOIN BEWARE!!!!

  38. Nicolas says:

    on click monster u only get 1 to 2% of the sum u request not 10-20% …it says so in the TOS therefor out of 651,70 u get between 6-13,5$ but if u manage you`re account better u get more.
    It`s true that it ads good sums of money but it clearly says in the tos u will not get that much so read the TOS carefuly

  39. jane says:

    u sure dude….

  40. Eranda says:

    Thank you very much for your information.

  41. Julius says:

    Thanks for the post. I am planning to upgrade my account in, thank God, I made this decision in reading this post…=)

  42. therese says:

    thankyou all for the feedback on tendollar clicks, i was going to update too.

  43. Ruth says:

    I have seen so many pros and cons about this one. Anyone ever been paid please?

  44. Jack says:

    please smoeone tell me which one it isn’t scam plz plz
    and send me a masseage on …email removed
    and thnx very much :)

  45. samer says:

    is and is real pay????

  46. Monir Ahmed says:

    thanks for gives us this scams site list.Really you are doing nice job.

  47. sekhar says: and these are scam sites or not. plz reply me…

    • admin says:

      Yes Sekhar, both sites are scam…
      My advice is to stay away from any site that offers more than $ 0.01 per click for standard members!!!


    I’ve saved your list of scam site and I”ll work on them.

    Your infornmations are usefull to me.


  49. romeo says:

    is a scam, they only pay $0.1 per click, help please

  50. Kel says:

    Just like to warn people that is NOT paying and looks more and more like a scam site.I’ve been a member since April and waiting for a payout since April 13th. They even reject my posts on their forum.BEWARE.

  51. I have been with tendollarclick about three months now and my account is at 5400.00 . I feel very discourage when I read all these comment on this blog. I believe I have been wasting my time.

  52. aamir says:

    Hello, my name is aamir and i want to know about the site, wheter it is a scam or not. Please reply.

  53. Ariel Alzula says:

    I’d like to report enrichptc as a possible scam site. Their TOS says that I need to earn $1,000.00 to cash out. But they actually required me, as I clicked on the ads, to earn $2,500.00. When I reached $2,508.00 after a long time clicking, I tried to withdraw my earnings either through PayPal or AlertPay but both were disabled. There is a message saying that I must send them an email to claim for my earnings. When I did that, the email bounced. So. the account remains unpaid. I think this is the modus operandi of scammers. I am volunteering this information for the benefit of others who just would like to earn something online but are victimized by unscrupulous admins.

  54. jm says:

    wow, tendollarclick really a scam? my account has alr reached close to $7000 alr! someone who referred me this website said that she just received the payment? i dunno is it true?

  55. curry says:

    I wonder whether is also included as paying PTC site. It’s not even listed as PTC scam site. I am a new member there so I am quite confused. Is a scam or a paying ptc site?


  56. CArol says:

    I have been with them since Feb 2010 and i have over 20,000 in my pending status and it is way over 60 days and even 90 days and i still have not seen any payment from this company if it is indeed a real company. I only upgraded one time for only 40.00 i am glad i didn’t sink more than that into it, I am still waiting to be paid.

  57. navneet says:

    hey plz tell me this is site is scam or not?

  58. tania says: it’s a total scam.
    they said like this before…….New members can request payout after: 14 days from signup date….. but they dont. i will kill those ……… they are wasting our valuable time

  59. Ola says:

    please i will like to know if ten dollar click is real

  60. Abdulwahab says:

    Hi, has a link for payment’s proof

    Is that scam too ?

    and thank you for this valuable list

    • admin says:

      Of course it is a scam, but if you don’t believe me use your time clicking in that site and see what happen…

  61. Roseline says:

    As far as I am concerned they are all big scams and all people should be warned to not even log in to these sites. They will eventually be forced to close if everybody pulled out.
    Instantptr biggest con I lost lots with them
    All of them promise free members and they do not pay when you reach your limit. They have no intention of paying out free or paid members so do not waste your money. I learn’t my lesson.
    Or they keep pushing up the withdrawal amount for free members.
    They are all despicable and should be banned altogether!!!!!!!!
    I do not believe anybody should hold their breath to get paid. Walk away from them altogether and cut your losses if you have any.

  62. can says:, are also a real scam artists.

    They never refund your money or payout your earnings. No free gift received when you pay to join the program. They are all Chinese owners

  63. raj says:

    2 months earlier i came through a site which really pays…yes it pays..!! when my first cheque came i was rather shocked than surprised..although i was not serious about the site earlier and was just goofing around as i thought that its same like the old scams..but its a genuine site…i was paid 124$ and m waiting for my second cheque…You all can also try the site…membership is free..

  64. salimmohammad says:

    just tell which are best site for PTC
    I want to earn from those
    do you know any best ptc sites

  65. Yeamin says:

    please tell me about & htt:// .

  66. Alan says:

    I like to report Take The Internet Back ( as a scam. I have been with this site for more than a year now and have confirmed almost 2000 mails. Yet, I haven’t been paid. Earlier, when I used to send a message to the admin, I used to always get a “standard” response. Now, however, I don’t get any response.

    • admin says:

      I don’t think is scam just because they have rules like: “we pay only the upgraded members” and such, I think it’s a honest site like incrasebux and other sites like it. If you don’t want to upgrade don’t join the site. Simply us that.

      You really need to know what you are talking about before commenting on other blogs and sites, because you loose your credibility and your present and future audience making assumptions which are far from the truth.

  67. Yosafat Agus says:

    I’m so gratefully find this site. A few months ago I’ve join “Ten Dollar Click”, and read some articles that we must be cautious if ‘they’ promise to give a lot of money (ten dollar per click). Then, I also joined SURFJUNKY for one month. Now I have US$ 80 in my account, but didn’t receive their payment. I also joined some ‘Indonesian PTC’.

    I want to share your posting at my blogs, and hoping this article can be a ‘warning’ and ‘compass’ for all my Indonesian if they want to join some PTC sites.

    Thank you!

    • admin says:

      Hi Yosafat Agus,

      Thanks for your comment and by the way it will be very good if you will revisit this blog from time to time because I will write some more content on this topic and I’s sure you will find it very useful…

  68. elit says:

    great site , who can help me to find some ptc sites that are not scam but legitim and paied please admin or everyone send me some good ptc sites because in which ptc sites I join then it seem’s to be scam send me a message here ………. please please

    • admin says:


      Thank you for your comment… I erase your email address from the comment so that you will not be spammed for other people with all kinds of offers and “opportunities”…. If you want to make some good money you could join the sites on my homepage: onbux, neobux, incrasebux, bux-matrix… I’m making nice money with them. You will not get rich using these sites but you surely can make from a few tens of dollars to a few hundred dollars per month if you get enough direct referrals and invest in membership upgrade and in rented referrals..

  69. ZAKI says:

    PLZ TEL ME IS SCAM??????
    i’ve 1116$ but thy required 75direct trfer or 5$funds from alertpay acount. but my alertpay amount is 0 (;
    plz tel ,e what shoul i do.
    plz email me.

    • admin says:

      Hi Zaki,

      I don’t use this ptc, but it looks like it will become scam in the near future so my opinion is that it’s not very wise to invest there. On the other hand a 5$ investment is not such a big deal so you can’t loose very much if the site is not paying.

      Anyway at this moment the site is paying but it’s paying only a small percentage from what you earn. For example from the 1116$ dollars you will cashout something like 5 or 6$.

      If you want to know more of how they calculate your earnings read their TOS.

      My advice is to register with onbux –

      - and rent referrals with the 5$ you have and you will make more money and then let that money to grow, don’t cashout right away. Invest in a bigger package of referrals and you will see that in a couple of months you will make at least a couple of dollars profit per day.

  70. ZAKI says:


    onbux, neobux, incrasebux, bux-matrix… etc site required funds for payout???or free????

    • admin says:

      Hi Zaki,

      Sorry for this late response…

      From onbux, neobux and bux-matrix you can cashout without investing. From incrasebux you can cashout 150% of your investment+ $5… so lets say you invest $50 in incrasebux upgrading or renting referrals you can cashout then $80. If you want to cashout more you need to invest more.

  71. ZAKI says: & towdollerclick is scam ??????

    • admin says:

      Hi Zaki,

      I don’t think that towdollerclick exist (maybe tendollarclick – you can find a post about it in this blog) and there are a lot of people that say that it’s a scam, that its one of many sites owned by scammer Kim Ballard aka James Disler.

      I don’t use this site but my advice is not to waste time with it.

      And by the way if you want to easily find out if a site is scam or not just read the following post

  72. ROHADI says:

    I have click for many PTC. I don’t know either its reality or scam. How about GET RICH PTC ?

    • admin says:

      Hi Rohadi, has al kinds of complaints from its members and I myself believe that this is a scam site, it will not pay you for your work.

  73. mwiine says:

    are these two sites scams that is and

  74. Duke says:

    is a scam??

    • admin says:

      Hi Duke, is a profit sharing website, you need to check their tos, because you will be getting only 10% of your earnings, you need 10 direct referrals to cashout and even to invest money.

      The following paragraph it’s a part of their TOS:

      “10) Free members need to GET 10 DIRECT REFERRALS in order to cashout;

      11) We are a Profit Sharing Website. Depending on the months profit you will be paid 10% to 80% of your total payment request. Free members will be paid only 10% of their total request. Please know that 10% does make a huge difference on your earnings.”

      And there are a couple of complaints on the internet right now:

      You can find more than these ones if you look for it.

      Anyway, I suggest to stay away from this site, it’s not worth it.

  75. Duke says:

    Tnx admin! i really appreciated your response!! i will totally stay away from this site…

  76. Akpolu says:

    Hi Admin,

    can you please tell me site is a scam site or not.
    Currently I am having 130 $ in my account and the minimum payout is $200.
    Is it a Genuine. Will i get payment from them?
    Please help me out.

    • admin says:

      Hi Akpolu,

      I’m not a member of this site, but I’m 100% sure that it is a scam or it will be very soon, because they pay too much per click and from my own experience every site that pay more than 1 cent per click it’s scam or it will become scam in the near future, so my advice is to stay away from this site.

      And besides that you can find a ton of complaints about this site on the internet.

      If you want proofs that this site is a time waster just read this article and the comments that are made by different people:

  77. Akpolu says:

    Hi Admin,

    Thank you for your valueble information.
    I have seen the PTC Sites in your home page.
    Are they really pay us?

    • admin says:

      Hi Akpolu,

      The answer to your question is yes – they really pay. I make nice money with these ptc sites, especially with onbux and neobux. At Onbux at least at this moment the rented referrals have a great AVG, even if you don’t get direct referrals you can make from a couple of dollars to hundreds of dollars or even more just by renting referrals(you earn more money than your investements in rented refs and upgrade).

  78. This website can change someone’s fate in positive way, I like it because it helps to avoiding scam.

  79. raheel says:

    dear plz suggest me which sites r really pay now? now these days i m working on neobux, is this scam or not?

  80. cham says:

    Thanks for the information, and does anybody know about, and Let me know please

    • admin says:

      Hi cham,

      Al three sites are scams, don’t join them don’t waste time and money on them…and in the future be very careful, all sites that pay more than 0.01$ per click for standard members are not serious…

  81. raheel says:

    thanks admn for great suggestion. can i work more then one site( two or three sites) from the same IP address?

    • admin says:

      Hi raheel,

      Of course you can, you can join and click the ads in 1000′s of ptc sites with the same ip, if you have time and energy but my advice is to focus only on a couple of good ptc sites(let’s say 10 sites) like onbux, neobux…and try to get as many direct referrals as you can…
      if you join to much sites you will not have time to properly manage them and you will see that many will become scams and you will waste a lot of time and even money with sites that don’t deserve much attention…

  82. qasimtariq says:

    hii everyone i am qasim. can anyone tell me plzzz that is the tendollarclick, fineptc, ptcwallet, ptcsense and inspiremallow can gave the money or not! plz plz plz can any one tell me be honestly plzzz ! i will be very grateful to that person ! plzzzz

    • admin says:

      Hi qasimtariq,

      All the sites in your message are scam sites, you won’t receive even one cent from them as a result of your effort and time invested in these sites… my advice is to stay away from sites that sound to good to be true because usually they are…

      Check the hompage of this blog for good ptc sites:

      And by the way the name its not inspiremallow for the last site it’s…

  83. i have received two cheques from tendollarclick of $1500……i don’t believe it is a scam site………..

  84. yusuf says:

    hi i m trying my luck with can anyone tell me its genuine or scam?

    • admin says:

      Hi Yusuf,

      Sorry for replying so late…My advice is to stay away from this kind of sites, any business that pay people 50$ to read an email and 25$ for clicking ads go bankrupt in less than 24 hours…I’m not a member of this site, but i think it’s a big SCAM…

  85. charles says:

    can you tell me if these sites are scams or not :

    • admin says:

      Hi charles,

      sorry for this late reply…these sites are scam sites, don’t join them, don’t waste money and time and energy with them and tell others to do the same thing…


  86. Dutt says:

    Is it a scam artist or good one?

    • admin says:

      Hi Dutt,

      twodollarclick it’s scam, 2$ per click it’s too much, this is not a sustainable business model, my opinion is to stay away from this kind of sites…

  87. yusuf says:

    can u please suggest me any genuine ptc or ptr or any other kind of site that really pays.

  88. raheel says:

    dear tell me about this site , is this scam or not? what do u think about this?

  89. raheel says:

    hello dear tell me about this site . these days i m working on this site. what do u think about this site, is this scam site or not?

    • admin says:

      Hi raheel,

      My only answer is sorry, but I can’t help you with this site because I didn’t find much about it and I don’t know a thing about stock market…I will gladly answer any question related with ptc, ptr, traffic exchange sites, but I’m not in a good position to give advices or to research sites like the one that you asked…

  90. Michele says:

    Well I have just sent message three to about a payout that has been in wait since september, I have had no response to my first 2 questions about the money ive supposedly earned sooooo just letting everyone know it does appear i have found out the hard way that they are indeed full of you know what. If by a miracle I get payment (HAHAHA) Ill let everyone know buuut current facts definitely agree with everyone else and tendollarclick is definitely a HUGEGANTIC WASTE OF TIME!
    Oh and I know it was a way old comment but clicksense does actually payout as does neobux both sites i have used and granted its a few bucks only but they do pay to paypal truely and if ur online anyway I say why not click a few =)

  91. Michele says:

    ah! i looked at my post and i meant clixsense as the site that does pay! Bad type o website for a typo I know lol!

  92. raheel says:

    thanks admin

  93. Prathk says:

    does anyone know whether wao india is a scam ??

    • admin says:

      Is a scam, stay away from it, I was a member long time ago and there was a ton of complaints about this site about not paying his members and a lot of members were banned apparently without reason…

  94. alessandro Zublena says:

    Hello admin, you can add to the list Bux to have 2 years and 9 months expect the payment, then also ElmenBux

  95. ihsanbuneri says:

    i had an account on and i was about to complete my 1000$ so hahahaha they blocked my account. but i am surprise that why google do not block the scam sites? can somebody reply me pls?

  96. kcsrph says:

    Dear Admin,

    Can you please advice me on fineptc and upworkptr sites

  97. shalam says:

    I like to report
    Please beware of the admin, because he is a serial scammer. He makes a PTC site then offers $10 promo then when many pays him.. he makes excuse that he cannot pay anymore because he had an ‘accident’ so he broke his leg and need to pay for hospital. Then use the funds from the site to make another PTC then do the same thing. He can gain $400 per scam ptc!!!

    here are his PTC site: (he launch it 19th march 2011)
    earndollarz (he pays here but he soon plans to scam it)
    shivabux (he was the original admin but now he sold the site to someone)

    his name:
    PALLAV GHOSH (well thats what he said, but i dont know if its real)

  98. dha says:

    is scam? their payout minimum is $50..pls help…pleas visit the site..^_^..ty

  99. Abdullah says:

    I had join a site 1DollarPTC plz some1 tell me about that is it a scam or not i have reached about 1800 and payout is on 5000 should i carry on or stop right here.

  100. porkyhippo says:

    HI admin,

    you’ve been very helpful for those who try and hopes to have extra income thru PTC’s Thanks for being so patient in answering all their, I mean.. all OUR (i might ask you something in the near future) questions. I hope good karma will land to you soon. – Filipino fan

    • admin says:


      Thanks for your kind comment! And sorry for this laaaateeeee….reply! I hope I will help a lot of people with my blog in the future too.

      Kind Regards,
      The best ptc sites admin

  101. A month later still haven’t got what I ordered sent claim to paypal all I got from them is “please wait coming soon” notes in pigeon english. Obvious chinese scam.

    • admin says:

      Hi David,

      Thanks for visiting my blog! Please tell what site are you talking about so I can update the scam sites list with it?

      Kind Regards,
      The best ptc sites admin

  102. Yes,Yes,Yes,Yes,Yes,Yes,Yes HOw about fine ptc and two dollar click

    • admin says:

      Hi Daniel,

      Thanks for visiting my blog and for your help. If you know other scam sites don’t hesitate to let a comment with their names!
      Thanks again!

      Kind Regards,
      The best ptc sites admin

  103. Vipin says:

    Is onbux is a scam?
    But u forgot one site. the biggest scam site NEO DOLLER

    • admin says:

      Hi vipin,

      Thanks for your help mate! If you know other ptc sites that are scams don’t hesitate to write a comment with their names, it will help a lot of people to stay away and keep their hard earned money!
      Thanks again!

      Kind Regards,
      The best ptc sites admin

  104. yan says:



    SO I TRY


    • admin says:

      Hi Yan,

      Thanks for your comment, is very helpful for me and other people who read this blog!
      I updated the scam list with this site! If you know other ptc sites that are scam and are not in my scam ptc sites list please write another comment with their names.
      Thanks again!

      Best Regards,
      The best ptc sites admin

  105. tulexlok says:

    can you tell me if these sites are scams or not :

  106. Rula says:

    Thanks. if you don’t mind I put a link to this post on my blog.

  107. Carol says:


    I am in one of these ptc sites called I got one payout and now they won’t reply to my messages and they won’t pay me so if you can add this to your list that would be great.

    What an amazing list you have. I had no idea there were anywhere near this many ptc sites.

    I will bookmark your page.


    • admin says:

      Hi Carol,

      Thanks for visiting my blog and for your kind comment!

      Sorry to hear that has become a scam and didn’t respond to your messages. I will update the scam list with this site. Thanks again for your help!

      Kind Regards,
      The best ptc siets admin

  108. NET_GURU says:


  109. NET_GURU says:


  110. ashish says:

    thank you ……… you save our time

  111. Denise HAMPTON says:

    is big dollar ptc or click for a buck a scam i havent gotten payed yet

    • admin says:

      Hi Denise,

      Sorry for this late reply!
      Both sites are scams, don’t waste time with them!

      Kind Regards,
      The best ptc sites admin

  112. joseph says:

    are there any other ways to earn money….
    pls i want to work online

    • admin says:

      Hi Joseph,

      Thanks for visiting my blog and for you comment too!

      There are a ton of ways to earn money online but on this blog I speak mainly about ptc sites…Maybe in the future I will add other ways to earn money online in my articles, but right now I sty with ptc sites.

      Kind Regards,
      The best ptc sites admin

  113. cinfull says:

    I have joined trafficxbux, upgraded and tried to cash out. Cash out was supposed to be within 24 hrs. Nothing yet. Also, they keep changing the cash out date. Also, I have tried to contact them and they are not responding.

    I would just like to say trafficXbux is a scam site.

    May 26,2011 3:44pm

    • admin says:

      Hi Cinfull,

      Thanks for visiting my blog and for this helpful comment! I’ve updated the scam list with… If you know other scam sites that aren’t in my list right know let me know! You will help a lot of people not to wast time, effort and money with these useless sites!

      Thanks again!

      Kind Regards,
      The best ptc sites admin

  114. Virender says:

    Hi frndz, do nt waist ur time on PTC sites b’coz i hav waist a lot of time…

    • admin says:

      Hi Virender,

      Your right sooner or later every ptc site will stop paying or they will make some changes that will not give you the income that they promised to give when you first sign up with them…Anyway that’s not a problem…You just need to have a good strategy to get referrals and when a site goes down you can easily sign up with another or a couple of them… And some sites really stay online and pay members for years so you need to find that gems and stick with them!

  115. Tess says:

    is the a scam site? plz reply…the site pays 10$ per email/ads clicks..the required payout is 10,000$ plz help so that i will not waste my time on this incase its a scam…tnx!

    • admin says:

      Hi Tess,

      Thanks for visiting this blog! Yes is scam, don’t waste time with this site!

      Kind Regards,
      The best ptc sites admin

  116. Diben says:

    Hi Admin,
    Thanks for this informative list. Really appreciated.



  117. BEBA313 says:

    I am so glad I found this site. Thanks to all and I have found some several PTC that i have joined and now I realize that they are scams. Thanks a lot.

    • admin says:


      Thanks for visiting my blog and for your comment!
      I’m glad the info on it helped you…I hope you will visit us again for more tips on ptc sites!

      Kind Regards,
      The best ptc sites admin

  118. [...] forget to check this post before you do the research: Ptc scam sites list If the site is listed there don’t bother to make any research on it because it’s a [...]

  119. babla says:

    thanks boss!

  120. heymano says:
    Is this site scam?

  121. fahim says:

    hi admin,
    i want to know some information that some ptc sites are really fake or real.
    (1)commission bux(2)nav bux(3)bux pedia(3)paisa live(4)paid surveys on line. Are this sites are real or not? plz, let me know. i wish u will help me knowing about this.

  122. fahim says:

    to admin,
    In scam ptc sites list I found “on bux” is a scam but your suggestion for some authentic sites where I found “on bux”!!!!!!?????? I,m in a fix. what,s the real situation????????

    • admin says:

      Hi Fahim,

      Thanks again for your comments! I understand what you’re saying but I told people that onbux is legit when it was, right now it’s not and I added it to the list of scam ptc sites.

      Kind Regards,
      The best ptc sites admin

  123. fahim says:

    Thanks for your valuable information. By following your given links, I,v got some crucial information about scam sites & real sites, & these are badly needed for any one who wants to get registered in ptc sites. Thanks for helping me for enhancing my knowledge on ptc sites.I realize that every one should scrutinize before registering to any ptc sites.

    • admin says:

      Hi Fahim,

      Thank you very much for your kind words! I’m glad that the info on my blog helped you…by the way visit this blog often, because I will add a lot of useful content about ptc sites and all kind of tips and advices that I’m sure you will love.

      Thanks again!

      Kind Regards,
      The best ptc sites admin

  124. BEBA313 says:

    Is this site a scam? I think so….

  125. fahim says:

    I need some information on Nav Bux,Bux Pedia & BuxP, because I,m utilizing my time there. Are they scam?or not.

  126. prosper says:

    Please tell me is and a scam?

  127. Arthur says:

    Thanks – I am doing a check on some others too.

  128. xeroxfromme says: is it scam or paying site please inform me by email.

  129. Kehinde says:

    Thanks for the wonderful and timely information you offer. Please keep working, I love you.

    Please you can equally be updating me concerning this fraudulent site. Get them posted to me

    • admin says:

      Hi Kehinde,

      Thank you very much for visiting this blog and for your kind words. I will put more great articles on it in the near future!
      Thanks again!

      Kind Regards,
      The best ptc sites admin

  130. fahim says:

    Hi admin,
    I want to know some authenticated ptc sites that really pay well amount of money.

  131. ByeByeHaribo says:

    hey … is onbux scam???

  132. eg2010 says:

    hello All members


    today delete my main balance Because of i write on forum why cashout is not working

  133. eg2010 says: it’s scam ptc

    • admin says:


      Thanks for visiting this blog and for your comment. I will make a research to see if I find more complaints about this site and if I find I will put this site on the scam list!
      Thanks again for letting me know about this situation!

      Kind Regards,
      The best ptc sites admin!

  134. fahim says:

    Thanks for getting me such good sites.hope that these will provide me satisfactory out come in exchange of my time. However, I got myself registered with incentria, clicksia & neobux one month before. These sites are trustworthy but they offer a very small amount for per click.

    • admin says:

      Hi Fahim,

      You’re very welcome! I hope you will make more money with these sites!

      As I said in an earlier comment I will write a couple of posts with other legit sites and the first one I will post it tomorrow.

      About the outcome: on every ptc if you want to earn more money you need to do one of these 2 things or both:
      a) upgrade the membership
      b) get a ton of direct referrals or rent them if it’s worth it;

      Thanks again!

      Kind Regards,
      The best ptc sites admin

  135. Steve says:

    Wish I woulda seen your site first. I have been waiting for 27 days now for payment, when they advertise instant, and 7-10 days. They put your account on review after requesting payout and they won’t respond to your tickets submitted. Highly would’nt bother with this site unless you feel like donating your time for nothing but aggravation. This site is definitly a scam run by a scum bag

    • admin says:

      Hi Steve,

      Thanks for visiting this blog and for your comment… I know how you feel right now, but don’t worry about it, there are a ton of other good ptc sites out there and on this blog you can find a couple of them…+ I will add more in the near future. Just join other legit paid to click sites and forget about the scams!
      Thanks again!

      Kind Regards,
      The best ptc sites admin

  136. mohini says:

    hi admin plz tell me paypermails, neodollar, tendollarclick or twodollarclick is scam or not ? is they really pays? plz reply me with proofs … thxz

  137. fahim says:

    hi admin,
    Is “Link grand” a scam? I have read different blog sites before registering to this site. I got both negative & positive comments of people on this I need to know if this site is legit or not. Thanks.

    • admin says:

      Hi Fahim,

      I don’t know where you found negative comments, because all I can find are positive ones. A lot of people say that this site is legit( had put this site in the Elite Ptc section), but again don’t expect to get rich from it :)
      From what I know you will not earn much on this site without upgrading the membership and getting a couple of referrals…
      Anyway I’m not a member of linkgrand and I can’t assure you that this site will pay you, even if on the internet are a lot of positive opinions and comments about it, is best to try it and see for your self how things really are…

      Kind Regards
      The best ptc sites admin

  138. Recently, I have Joined with (a survey company).
    Could you tell me about this company is scam or not.

  139. Recently, I have Joined with by creating a free account as a free membership
    Could you tell me about this company is scam or not, please.

  140. Recently, I have Joined with by creating a free account as a free membership
    Could you tell me about this company is scam or not, please.

  141. Recently, I have Joined with (a social marketting company).
    Could you tell me about this company is scam or not, please.

  142. Don says:

    Is a scam?

  143. worthless07 says:

    is this all sites are scam?

  144. worthless07 says:

    is is a scam??

    ty admin!

  145. Jalal says:

    these websites are scam or not
    plxxxxxxxx tel me m w8ing??????

  146. Jalal says:

    after having search on google i found ths plx tel me this site is scam or not??


    Keywords: Get Paid to Surf the Web, Get Paid to Surf, Earn Free Money, paid surfing, viewbars, mlm, make money with web site, cashbars, get paid to search the web, get paid to read emails, referrals, sponsors, affiliate programs, ads, sponsors, associate programs, partner programs, webmaster, revenue, commissions, affiliates, associates, surf for pay, surf for cash, surf to earn, directories, partners, referrals, program, sell, income, money making, business opportunities, get paid to surf the net, free, easy money, cash, money, extra income, online, earn money at home, freebies, internet, money tree, make money, top, top sites, top money sites, mlm, easy, pay, paid, earn, cash, chat, affiliates, internet, www, web, residual, email, cashcrusader scripts

    Description: Get paid to read emails!

    Load time: Fast (1.212 Seconds), 60% of sites are slower.

    Alexa 3 month rank: 138485

    Daily Pageviews: 7,943

    Daily Ad Revenue: $24

    Website Worth: $17,413

  147. sumon says:

    Is this paypermail and scam???

  148. Asim says:

    is this site is fraud. plz tell me
    thank you.

  149. Asim says:
    is this site is fraud. tell me plz thank you

  150. mamta says:

    tell me please site is froud or not ?????????????????
    please reply me quickly………

  151. Jamai says:

    is it a real earning ptc site
    can i withdraw earning cash from this site

  152. fahim says:

    Hi admin,
    I am working on Money Clix,MatrixMails,EasyHits4U,AnythingFree4you.Are these scam or legit ? Plz,let me know.

  153. javier says:

    I´ve been watching all ths posts in the Blog.
    I´m plenty of doubts, but the most imortant is this.

  154. ahmad says:

    plz up date your list with bux4real web site name.

    Thank you

  155. rayka says:

    ,,,is this list of ptc and ptr websites are scam?..
    …i hope admin will answer my queries…tnx…in advance..

  156. fahim says:

    Hi admin,
    I opened the site of “get bux today” to do work but it showed me that this domain has been suspended temporarily or permanently. I endeavored for many times but situation still remains unchanged.I cant apprehend what’s going on there!!!!????? Please, respond.

  157. fahim says:

    hi admin,
    situation lengthened more than 3 hours, now it’s OK.

    • admin says:

      Hi Fahim,

      Sorry for not replying to your comments…I’m was very busy with some online projects. I will try to visit the blog more often.
      Have a great week!

      Kind Regards,
      The best ptc sites admin

  158. can i ask question if this ptc sites is legal or scam admin?

  159. lunchuan says:

    thank you so much ,you help me

  160. Arifur Rahman says:

    Hello, You have done a great job by ensuring us about those scam sites and i am also a victim of a survey site named when i riches 90 dollar account out of 100 dollar they just deceive to send regular survey and futher suspend my account. Please attach a scam site named ARROLITE.COM on this scam list.

  161. Clement Lim says:

    Please add as a scam site.

    They disappear overnight.

  162. dhearn says:

    When i was a newbie 3 years ago the first site that came up when i was looking for a way to make money online was Ten Dollar Click.
    Thanks for such a fantastic site, happy to say i will bookmark this site ,
    Doug Hearn

  163. icefairy says:

    Claudiu thanks!

  164. Bruce Raleigh says:

    Hi. I joined Earth PTC. info, met the requirements, and they are showing that they have paid me 3 seperate times, and also show me in their “proof paid” area, but I have not received any of the payments. They state that 3 were made to my PayPal address and 1 th my alertpay account…None have arrived, and it’s been about 2 weeks. I get no response from the sites email addresses.
    Anyone know if they are for real or scam? Also if anyone knows how to get in touch with the site owners. I’m 64 and just trying to financially survive.
    Bruce R

    • admin says:

      Hi Bruce Raleigh,

      I looked at this site and I found this in their TOS about payments:
      - We are a ads only site! Like a Traffic Exchange.
      - This is an exchange traffic site, it means that we DO NOT pay real money.
      - You earn CREDITS that you can use to buy advertisement, banner views, referrals, etc.
      - *** No payouts via paypal or alertpay or okpay!! ***
      - No Refunds On Upgrades!”
      Please be more careful next time when you join a site. Read the TOS, check to see if it’s scam already…and if it’s all good you can join if not stay away.
      Have a great day!


  165. hemant dubey says:


  166. dudi says:

    I have joined Seven Dollar Click. I don’t know was it scam or not. Please give a review about that site.

    • admin says:

      Hi Dudi, is a Big scam, don’t waste your time there. No one will pay you 7 dollars for a lousy click…


  167. bhaskar says:

    HI,I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW THE SITE ’365dayclub’ is legit ?i m with this site for some month but yet not getting any payment.their minimum payment request is $1999.i have crossed the say something.


  168. lopata22 says:

    Is a scam or not. Thank you

  169. dawn says:

    is sixdollarclick a scam?

    • admin says:


      Yes this ptc is scam. Stay away from sixdollarclick and twodollarclick or other ptc sites that promise you to earn more than 0.01 per click.

      Kind Regards,

  170. Emmanuel Reyes II says:

    Im new here in PTC sites thanks for the post i hope i wont get scammed by other sites

  171. Emmanuel Reyes II says:

    Can you guys check on im not sure if they are paying i just want to make sure before i start clicking on their ads. (I’m a guy who doesn’t want to waste time XD)

  172. Sabir Jamil says:

    Burdy bux is a big SCAM bux and its Admin is a Big Son of a Bitch.please
    don’t waste your time

  173. Sabir Jamil says:

    JL bux is another Big SCAM ptc site First its site name was Josefluptak but now he change his site name to JL bux please don’t waste your valueable time

  174. Sabir Jamil says:

    Hi Every body Plz Stay away From GROWING BUX because it is a Big SCAM.

  175. bhaskar says:

    again here,wanted to know the site ”” is legit or not?

  176. T.Jay says:

    IS A Scam they promote PTC Sites that they own and then Claim they been scammed . Their latest has been 2bucks a month .

  177. anter says:

    hi admin
    can you ell me that is a scam

  178. ley says:

    is seriousclickers, dvdbux, notbux, and bux inc is a scam? i need an answer pls.. thank you.

  179. Marge says:

    Hey I just want to inform everybody that professionalptc is also a scam site although they try to look legit. My story goes like this, month of Oct I already reach my minimum payout of $5, then I was put on hold. The admin makes some drama regarding payment. He said payment will be done this 15th of Dec of this year. So then I still try to wait and give him a chance. Between that period I already reach my another payout which that time the minimum payout was adjusted to $8. They didn’t allow me to cash out cuz according to the site I still have pending and they only allow one payment request at the time. Ok I still hold my patience until the most awaited day of Dec 15, oh noes I was shock! The payment request was disable and it can be resolve through membership issue and the history of my payment request was gone. So guys never waste your time with professionalptc, They will just gonna screw your life.

  180. Thanks for sharing this list. I am always looking for the same kind of sites to earn online.

  181. Dedman says:

    Shocking news for all ptc users. A big brand in business now or soon going to be a scam. And guess what? its not only become a scam but a huge scam. and has already down there advertisement from 4 to 5 cents to 005 and 007 cents today. Also no payout made from past 15 days. Last payout made 15 days before. TVIPTC has limited there upgrade membership from 4 level to 2 level only. PAyout for standard members are 10$ and if they only pays 005 cents per day then you can only imagine how long it will take for your payout not only as a standard but also upgraded member. I request all of you my friends please please please don’t invest in their ptc network and waste your money as admin of this site is now or soon to be a big scammer as he owns many big sites in this business. All in all while looking at this business its very hard to earn good income and also risky to invest in such sites; as some big guns in this business have reduced their daily ads, minimum payouts become impossible to reach and also scammers are their to hack your money.

  182. RajReddy says:

    I have joined in is it a legit site. and i want to know what are the legit sites.

  183. Ajay says:

    Is Scam?

  184. nahidkhan says:

    is rapidptc , tendollar click, twodollar click, bux inc, bank ptc, fine ptc, are scamp site ! . please help me , i want just want a actual ptc company address . whos can pays me. so please give me some ptc companies address. without scam site. so please answer me

  185. Christian says:

    You should add gagabux to the list, they never paid me.

  186. Beboy Niez says:


    Just want to ask if Belgiumptc is a scam? this is their site.… its better to be sure. pls email your reply.. tnx

  187. vicky says:

    contestbux is scam too.don’t register on it.

  188. mark says:

    are buxricka and globalcashptc a scam?

  189. tauhidkazmi says:

    friends this site is 101% scam i have requested payout 1 months before not site admin not paid me yet

  190. chiller says:
    Both site are scam.Don’t invest them.The admin change your refs.They are cheater

  191. Donald says:

    Thanks for the sad but true info. Richtogoptr once I reached they limit and requested money they said is cost $10000 to get my money which was all of it. Another one was globalPtr great looking site but paid to get referrals and never got them. Now trying to get refund back with paypal. I found it hard to believe how can they paid so much money if the cost is bigger then when people are paying for. One thing to try and do, send them an email and see if they responed before sending them any real money.

  192. jayvvadan says:

    pleas replay me this site his fake or realy?

  193. jayvvadan says:

    are fake or real ?

  194. pial says:

    7 dollar click …is it realy pay?

  195. tanher says:

    Hi all Friend,
    Is a scam? I have I don’t know was it scam or not. Please give a review about that site. thank you.

  196. Bitnay says:

    i think is scam,

    first reason: it keeps increasing the minimum payout for free/standard membership. From 25 to 30 and now 45

    second reason: please view the attached screenshot

  197. nav says:

    is ten dollar click a scam???????????????

  198. shobha says:

    I have been surfing the sites on this site for about two months and their minimum payout is 35$.I have 62$ in my account. i have requested them to pay me.But they have not replied me.What should i do and let me know whether is this also a site in scaam list.

  199. masita says:

    yeah, I know onbux scam, they have taken my money

  200. camron888 says:

    Try having a look at NoMinimum that ptc has not been paying its members for some time .

  201. miki says:

    hey how about what do u think is it spam or not?

  202. Charlene says:

    is double-triplerbux a scam site or not?? thank you for the info.

  203. anonymous says:

    can anyone inform me that richptc,grandptc & clicksia is scam?plz help me.if anyone have proof of payment so plz add here.

  204. francis says:

    Wow your website are heaven sent! your info is very helpful, hope everything is accurate here. i just want to know if twodollarclick and twodollarsaclick is the same? thanks and more power!

  205. Alehap says:

    Report Scammer

    Please add that site to your scam database. Thanks.

  206. farid says:

    Please tell if is a scam or not

  207. melet says:

    please help me about this a scam site??????????

  208. fahanbhatti says:

    tell me it is real or no real tell me

  209. Tammy says:

    First I would like to say that I found this information very helpful. Second I would like to add a few that were not on the list. I have been clicking these sites and was curious about them after seeing your website. I researched and found out they were scams as well. Six dollar click, the rich ptc, proper ptc, goldbizs, richgo ptr. I didn’t realize there were so many too good to be true sites out there. Thank you so much for the heads up.

  210. shiela says:


  211. shiela says:


  212. mundi says:

    la pagina de ptc es escam no paga hace un par de meses, y cuando lo reclamas en su foro de bannean del foro y te cierran la cuenta todas estas pag. son administradas por el mismo admin tengan cuidado

    TVIPTC – InfinityBux – BuxSecure – PowerfulBux – ForeverBux – BuxUnleashed

  213. Riaj Rahman says:

    is onlinenet2work scam??
    i am working on this plz let me know…

  214. ptc scam says:

    thanks for sharing a good list

  215. ullil says:

    hi admin, is a scam ???

  216. erfan says:

    is is scam ?

    is is scam ?

    is scam ?
    tnx .bye

  217. Tanmay says:

    Hello pls tell me all that are in the list are legit or spam???
    1. Twickerz
    2. Ref4bux
    3. Cashcamel
    4. Cashtream
    5. Clicks4cents
    6. Bucks4shares(.com)
    all of this minimum payout is $0.10-0.60

  218. Marco says:

    EMONEYBUX.COM from owner Bo Shen, China, has gone scam. Not paying and uploading fake payment proof. Beware!!!

  219. tasfin says:

    this website is really helpful. i live in Bangladesh and this country is a developing country. our manpower is really very hard-worker. but the main thing is a huge amount of ptc sites are opening in our country and our youth groups are involving with this. i don’t say that this is a bad thing. but i recommend you to find out the scam sites of this country and save this youth’s money.

  220. criz says:

    I have joined trustyptc. I don’t know was it scam or not. Please give me information regarding about this site. b’coz i spending alot of time this site.

  221. sreenivas says:

    this is srenivas
    can u tell me if is a legit site or not.?
    will i realy get the payments in return for my work??

  222. John says: — The biggest scam I’ve stumbled across. They post pirated software, password protect them and remove all replies or complaints from people to make them look legit downloads.

    the links are uploaded to the other scam/money making hosts and and make money per download..

    maybe not ptc but still a good scam!

  223. edin1111 says:

    Admin of zeusbux and edollarbux is charlatan.He did not paid me!!!!!MY FRIENDS BE CAREFUL!!!!!!!!!

  224. Faisal says:

    and yes is ptcbox is scam site or not?

  225. NoTe4rs says:

    i found this two ptc sites is scam…..please becarefull about this two sites

  226. NoTe4rs says:

    another one scam ptc….i used more thn 1 month….after 1 month it say
    Domain Suspended
    This domain has been temporarily or permanently suspended.


  227. Faisal says:

    plz tell me about surveys sites that whos sites pay for real for taking surveys and is fake or legit? and plz give me link of surveys sites that pays 100%……..thank you.

  228. Faisal says:

    admin clicksia insentria issue has resolved :)

  229. mike says:

    hi there i have join this this scam to or legit?i join for a month and earn 9k more on out for free member 25k.please anyone if you have info please tell me.i would highly appreciate for the info

  230. Adarsh says:

    Hi I am Adarsh, nd i wanna know the best more paid PTC sites ,I would be so helpful……………………………………………………………:-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-)

  231. Adarsh says:

    Is euro-bux is a scam???????????????????

  232. Bossman says:

    Does ANYONE out there know if the Six Dollar Click site pays you and if so when and what do you have to do to request the funds.
    I’m over the $10,000 mark and I have been doing for about 3 weeks.

    Please help…

  233. Roger says:

    If you come to the point of requesting money at 2 dollarclick, I am sorry to dissapoint you, but i am afraid that you will never get any money from that page – cause its a scam.

  234. sindinak says:

    this is a big scammer its new so add it to the scammers list
    launched on 17/06/2012 totally scammer after 8days of clicking they disabled payingout request and they paied nothing since opening
    i tryed to send a payout request i couldnt cuz they blocked it
    so stay out

  235. yommite says:

    i honestly really want to appreciate your effort to humanity.want can you say about this site:genuineptr. pls this is urgent.
    keep the good work…

  236. devendra says:

    Isa this is really paying for some body or it just a fake

  237. Dharmendra says:

    Is paying for some body or it is also a fake website

  238. Off Limits Empire Marketing says:

    Any site offering more than one cent per click is most likely going to be a scam or not what you expected when you get paid. No site on the internet is going to pay out more money than they can make. Remember that before joining a site.

  239. sm bappo says:

    Hi i am bappo. I want to know that, is reall? please answer me or mail me .

  240. hussain says:

    can anybody say is it a scam or or a trusted sits pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  241. MATTY says:

    ummmmm can u see the pattern developing here people ??

    there all scams

    • admin says:

      Hi all,

      First of all sorry for this late reply and thanks for visiting this blog and for all your comments. Special thanks for all the people that informed me about some scam sites and this way I added 20 or so scam ptc sites to this already enormous list.
      I see that many people want to know if some ptc sites are scam or not. I know that some will not be very happy with this, but please visit this page you will understand in just a couple of seconds why I post this link if you start reading the article on that page.
      For the folks who want to know legit sites where everyone can earn some extra money or even a good income every month – here are some good resources Paying ptc sites I will add some sites soon on that page, so be sure you revisit this blog from time to time for other legit sites.
      Thanks and have a great day!

      Kind Regards,
      The best ptc sites admin

  242. knight says:

    hi peoples.

    5 dollares a click
    2 dolaares a click

    is a scam?

  243. Good information. I searched the internet for JLbux scam and if it got the information that yes, it is scam

  244. Yusnaidi says:

    Thank you for your hardwork just to help others from deception online.

    • admin says:

      Hi Yusnaidi,

      You’re welcome! Thanks for visiting this blog! Btw, 100dollarptc has indeed very funny terms, lol…

      Kind Regards,
      The best ptc sites admin

  245. Yusnaidi says:

    One of the PTC offer for minimum payout…very funny…kiki..

    All payments are made via Postal Mail. You can request for payment once your account balance is 50 trillion dollars ($50,000,000,000,000) or more. You can only cashout 50 trillion dollars at a time. This is not the minimum shown in member section as we put lower amounts to make sure people read terms. If you ask for these lower amounts it saying you do not read and you want to forfeit your money.

  246. shabe says:

    paisalive is fraud or not iam working this site.

    • admin says:

      Hi Shabe,

      Thanks for visiting this blog! I checked paisalive 2 minutes ago and is working fine. Maybe they had some server problems or something…

      Kind Regards,
      The best ptc sites admin

  247. Alao says:

    Am even tared of all this website

    • admin says:

      Hi Alao,

      I’m tired too off all these scam sites, hope one day someone will stop these scammers and make them pay for wasting people’s money and time…

      Kind Regards,
      The best ptc sites admin

  248. Arif says:

    I wanna know that is reall or its just a scam..plz if any one know about it plz inform me.i wll b very very thank full..
    it would b alot grat if any1 told me in e-mail my mailing adress…


  249. chinthaka says:

    washingtonbux is scam site

    • admin says:

      Hi Chinthaka,

      Thanks for the warning! I will add washingtonbux to this list too…

      Kind Regards,
      The best ptc sites admin

  250. ruwani says:

    Can you please let me know of any genuine sites. And is paymebucks scam. Please let me know.

    Thanks & Regards


    • admin says:

      Hi Ruwani,

      Thanks for visiting this blog! If you want genuine sites go here I will add more sites soon, just revisit that page from time to time, thanks…

      Kind Regards,
      The best ptc sites admin

  251. ruwani says:

    Thanks Claudiu!

  252. Nice job. This will save a lot of people like me from being scammed.

  253. mae says:

    I was fooled by ticbux , :-( i made a rental purchase 2days ago and now the domain is suspended. They started last 2weeks ago and now suspended huh!
    ticbux is scam

  254. Rakesh Kumar says:

    I want to work on this site. please tell me this is scam or not.


    rakesh kumar

    • admin says:

      Hi Rakesh Kumar,

      Sorry for disappoint you, but I’m not sure if this is scam or legit. I only check ptc sites, not data entry or survey sites…anyway I looked online and didn’t find anything negative, but you never know. You can join and cashout as soon as you can and you can verify yourself if it’s scam or not…

      Kind Regards,
      Claudiu Baciu
      the best ptc sites admin

  255. Junior Cylet says:

    I just started with them do you it will be a waste of time to upgrade with them as they may not pay out?

    • admin says:

      Hi Junior Cylet,

      Don’t use sixdollarclick, this is a scam site and a total waste of time…

      Kind Regards,
      Claudiu Baciu
      the best ptc sites admin

  256. ahmad fahmi says:

    Hi sir,
    I would like to know about

    • admin says:

      Hi Ahmad Fahmi,

      Thanks for visiting this blog and please don’t waste your time with, cuz it’s a SCAM. No site will pay you $7 for an email you read, trust me on this…

      Kind Regards,
      the best ptc sites admin

  257. sherry says:

    i think they are scam i been waiting a month for my money and have not recieve it as yet i want to make money online not waste mty time

    • admin says:

      Hi Sherry,

      I’m not sure if this site is scam, I’ve read a couple of sites and people don’t complain about it. What I see is that it has some strange terms of service. I think this is the reason you didn’t received your money, but I’m not 100% sure. Anyway, read their TOS, maybe you’ll find some rule you’ve violated or something…
      Thanks for the warning and for visiting this blog!

      Kind Regards,
      The best ptc sites admin

  258. Russel says:


    Do you have any information about this website is it real or a scam? Thanks

    • admin says:

      Hi Russel,

      Don’t waste your time with this scam. No one will pay you $10 for a single click. It’s 100% scam. Stay away from it…

      Kind Regards
      Claudiu Baciu
      the best ptc sites admin

  259. Aziz says:

    is it scam please tell me i have been working there for 1 month i have earned 800 please help me is it scam

    • admin says:

      Hi Aziz,

      I think you are referring to not Anyway it’s a scam site, run away as fast as you can from it. Any site that pay more than $0.01 for standard member click it’s scam or it will become scam eventually if it doesn’t reduce the amount that members earn per click to $0.01 or less.

      Kind Regards,
      the best ptc sites admin

  260. Norbert says: IS SCAM! I try it for some week, and my balance is 0 !!!!! I sent some e-mail, but no answer!!

    • admin says:


      Thank you very much Norbert for letting us know about this one. I will add on my scam list and in the future please don’t waste time with sites with such names like fiveaclick, twoaclick…etc every ptc site that pays more than $0.01 for click for standard members it’s a big SCAM. Thanks again and have a nice day!

      Kind Regards,
      The best ptc sites admin

  261. martino says:

    SCAM ALERT account deleted because referal had 28 multiple accounts RUBBISH they just let u get to $100 and then find excuse not to pay.
    SCAMMERS dont click them anymore

  262. martino says:

    Sorry this is the site PTC Bank

  263. saad says: – first time paid next time payout pending for 10 days when sent suppurt ticket no reply my comments from forem were deleted

    • admin says:

      Hi there,

      Thanks for the helping me add new sites to the scam list guys, keep up the good work…

      Kind Regards,
      The best ptc sites admin

  264. Mariah says:

    Hi. Also is a scam site.

  265. Norbert says: -is a scam site – 3 time delete my account. I ask why? And no answer!! I did it well, and when I had over 2000 $ deleted my account. I can’t login.

    • admin says:

      Hi Norbert,

      Thanks for taking the time to warn us about this scam. I’ve added it to my never ending list of scam sites :)
      Thanks again and have a nice day!

      Kind Regards,
      the best ptc sites admin

  266. Aftab Khan says:

    I want to work site. please tell me this is scam or not.


    aftab khan

    • admin says:

      Hi Aftab,

      Don’t waste your time with sixdollarclick, this is a scam and I’ve added it to this article already for others to see it. Stay away from sites that pay more than a 1-2 cents per click for standard members!

      Kind Regards
      the best ptc sites

  267. amir says:

    Is and world shoppers link a scam site? My friends earn pretty good money through world shopper link site. Please tell me is this a scam site or not.



    • admin says:

      Hi @amir,

      I don’t know exactly what worldshopperslink is cuz this site is not available for me(maybe they have some problems with their hosting account or something) and stay away from, don’t waste your time with such shady money making schemes(it’s illegal what they do anyway)…

      Kind Regards,
      the best ptc sites admin

  268. Tito -bangladesh says:

    Dear Claudiu
    Thanks for ur nice site. this is helpful to find correct PTC sites.

  269. zain says:

    I want to work upworkptr company site….
    please tell me this is scam or not….

  270. vasantha says:

    please teach i, how to get rich off money withdraw from PTC i do know how to do please guide me

    • admin says:

      Hi Vasantha,

      I’m not sure what you want me to teach you…You can’t get rich from ptc, you can earn some extra money like $100 -$200 or even $1000 or more with enough referrals, but I didn’t heard about people that got rich only by using ptc sites(if you don’t know how to start earning money with ptc sites just browse this blog and read some articles…). And it’s easy to withdraw your money, as soon as you have the minimum cashout money in your account balance a form will appear to withdraw your money, you just need to make 2 clicks and you will transfer the money in your Paypal, Payza account, but first you need to earn some money and reach the minimum cashout amount.

      Kind Regards,
      the best ptc sites admin

  271. Farhan Baig says:

    Hi Sir I want to ask u that is this ad-buxx is scam or not ??????

    • admin says:

      Hi Farhan,

      I looked at ad-buxx and it smells like scam from a mile away, but the site is pretty new and if you want and have enough free time you could try it reach the minimum cashout amount and withdraw the money and see for yourself if it’s scam or not. In my opinion it will become scam even if now is paying, cuz I don’t know where they will get so many ads on a daily basis(700), they don’t have a forum, they don’t show you any payment proofs, they look like another old scam site and the list can go on and on…
      So, it’s your choice if you want to try it or not, but from my own experience this site isn’t worth your time…You can use it though to get more referrals if you can use your account balance to advertise your affiliate links…

      Kind Regards,
      the best ptc sites admin

  272. aron says:

    Company Registration Firm – Fraudulently making money in the name of company registration

    • admin says:

      Hi Aron,

      I can’t add this to this article. I only add ptc sites that are scams, not all the sites that are scam…Thanks anyway for your input and by the way sorry for answering so late to your comment!

      Kind Regards,
      The best ptc sites admin

  273. Uphy says:

    Hi admin, I want to know is it true Adsgadget scam? Is there any proof of payment that has been published before?.

    • admin says:

      Hi Uphy,

      I don’t use this site and I didn’t find any negative review about it so I can’t comment on this subject, sorry… If you really want to know just try it out for a while, then cashout and see for yourself if they pay or not.

      Kind Regards,
      The best ptc sites

  274. [...] Siin ka Scam lehtede nimekiri: [...]

  275. admin says:

    Hi alan,

    what kind of information do you speak about?