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PTC Sites TOS-Terms of Service

PTC Sites TOS-Terms of Service

PTC Sites TOS-Terms of Service

Before you  register for a ptc membership, make sure you read their terms of service. This is the most important step you will have to make because if you don’t, you might work a few days or weeks for free.Some of the paid to click sites have a lot of strange rules, I have even seen something like: “if you are a Chinese you will have to make a premier account (paid membership) in order to be accepted as a member and earn money”. This rule was presented as an antifraud measure against the Chinese hackers (although I can’t figure it out how this will stop the hacking). To me it seemed more like an opportunity to force the people to upgrade.

Anyway, it’s their website and if you want to join, sooner or later you will have to respect their rules.

You must be careful because in the TOS is mentioned something about inactivity. If you don’t have activity in your account more than 2-3 weeks, the account will be suspended, and the worst part is that you can’t make another account from the same IP address. If you do not click your ads in one day, on the next day you will not receive the share from your referrals earnings.

By the way, I saw on another PTC something like this: if you do not invest in your account you will not be eligible of earning more than $10… meaning you will have to upgrade to paid membership or buy/rent referrals if you want to earn more than the amount specified.

I also found rules like: “you cannot earn more than 2x or 3x the amount you’ve invested in the ptc website” or ”you cannot bring more than 100 referrals”.

In the end I would say – read carefully the TOS of every ptc site you consider joining.

2 Responses to PTC Sites TOS-Terms of Service

  1. Hari says:

    Dear Reader/Experts,

    How can a PTC Site prove useful to people who are always on the move and whom may not always carry a laptop.

    The GENERAL rule on many a PTC website is that that only one unique registration is allowed per computer per IP address, because if a user has multiple user accounts per computer or per IP address his or her account will be banned which is totally understandable.

    So here is my query related to the above situation.
    Just for logging in and viewing the paid ads can I use a computer other than the one at my home, on which I actually registered for a particular PTC site.
    I mean I am going on a vacation to my friends place who lives in a different city so can I use his computer just to login and view ads for the same PTC site as mentioned above which I registered from home as it is only a matter of logging in to just view ads and not for registering. what if one is away for a long time from the computer on which the actual registration was done and if that person does not have a laptop he/she has no choice but to use a different computer which will have a different ip address .

    Also technically speaking lets say a registered user changes the ISP (internet service provider) for whatever reason, then the same machine on which the user had initially registered the account will have an IP address, which will be different from the one used during the initial registration, in this case the user account may end up having 2 IP address one old (not in use any more) and one new(Currently-in use) but the computer/machine (machine address or mac id ) continues to remains the same as it was from the beginning.
    And what about dynamic IP addresses …in which case the IP address normally keeps on changing every time the computer is connected to the internet.

    I n the above two case what will be the approach of the PTC site will the registered user be banned and so what should the registered user do to be on the safer side.

    All replies are a welcome but would appreciate if the replies are specific and has usable or tried and tested solutions

    • admin says:

      Hi Hari,

      I have dynamic IP address and I don’t have problems with my accounts on ptc sites. But in the first scenario I don’t know what can be done. The problem with the ptc sites is that many people try to scam them and one of the solutions of the ptc sites owners is to not allow more than one ip per account. I’m not very happy with this solution either, but we can’t do much about this…
      If you find a solution to this problem please let us know.
      Have a great day.


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