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VikingHits – Earn Money from Surfing is another great Traffic Exchange that was recently launched and I really love it(and I use it daily too :D )and I’m sure that anyone who use ptc sites and traffic exchanges will like this site.

If you don’t know what a traffic exchange is please read this. Shortly you view other members sites and you earn traffic credits, then you can use these credits to send people on your sites.

The concept is very simple and if you use these sites(traffic exchanges) you can get tons of referrals in paid to click sites and any other type of sites and you can even grow your own list if you want.

With you can earn tons of traffic and money at the same time, even if you don’t have any referrals.

And I must confess that I like the design of this site too. It’s a very nice design and it’s easier to get referrals using your personal affiliate link and splash pages comparing with other Te’s. Traffic Exchange

I mentioned above that you can get lots of traffic and money from this TE and now I will share with you in details what can you get if you become a Vikinghits member today and you start using the site:

a). As I said earlier you earn money from surfing sites, this is in addition to the traffic credits you earn.

As a free member you earn $0.02 for every 100 pages surfed. If you surf 1000 you get $0.20 per day. Now if you upgrade your account you can earn up to $0.50 per 100 pages surfed. This can easily make you over $1 per day just from your own surfing.

b). Referrals are another way of earning money with VikingHits.

As a free member you earn 10% from the purchases your referrals make and as an upgraded member you will earn up to 30% commissions.

c). As an upgraded member you will not only earn 2 or three times more money and traffic from surfing and referring, but you will get traffic from up to 5 levels deep of referrals.

This can bring you lots of viral traffic! If you bring a few promoters under you your traffic will go through the roof in time.

d). The trophies can make you money too. When you surf you can collect trophies(some icons). When you collected 12 icons you earn $0.10 and some extra traffic credits and impressions too.

As a free member you can earn $0.20 per day only from collecting trophies.

e). This site has a Ptc section and you can earn up to $0.02 per click. You will get a few ads every day(up to 9-10 ads) and if you click on them you can earn like me up to $0.04-$0.05 per day.

f). You probably think that there are a lot of ways to make money already with this site and you will be right, but the admin went a step further and gave us the ability to earn even more traffic and money with the Weekly Jackpot.

Right now every week $30 and thousands of credits, banners and link impressions are split between the top 25 most active members;

You can earn over $7 weekly with this feature alone, if you’re very active of course.

g). The latest traffic exchanges come with all kinds of games and VikingHits has 2 of those as you probably guessed already. Games that will give your more traffic.

It has the word game. Each time you surf you can collect letters and when you complete all the letters in a certain word or phrase you will get a prize in credits, banners and link impressions.

And you have a Page(you can see it in the prize box section) that appears from time to time when you surf where you can buy up to 3 slots for 25 credits each and you will automatically enter in a contest for a prize in traffic credits.

The 1st prize = 250 credits, the 2nd prize = 100 credits and the 3rd prize = 50 credits;

These games make the using of this site more fun and of course it will bring you more traffic.

h). You earn more money and traffic by using the three downline builders sections. You have one for ptc sites, one for Traffic Exchanges and one mixed(with all types of sites).

-You just need to update these sections and every time you get a referral in you can get a referral in each one of the sites in those 3 downline builder sections and this will catapult your success online very fast.

i). Purchase a Surf Booster package for cheap and get a ton more credits from your surfing. Just go to the Buy Advertising section for this.

j). Plus you have 5 or more ways to advertise your site, business, affiliate link with Vikinghits:

You have those 3 features that most Te use: sites, banner and text advertising and in addition you can email your referrals too. Besides this you can buy ptc ads or you can promote your site as the site of the day for just $2.50

A nice extra feature is that you can buy advertising using your account balance commissions.

At the moment of writing this article the admin gives $0.25 for each referral you bring in and a generous $2 sign up bonus, that’s why it’s a very good idea to sign up fast and benefit from these bonuses. This way you will cashout your money faster.

As you see it really makes sense to join and use this site.

I really like it and I use it daily. In just a few days I made almost $2 just from surfing and referring one person and you can make this kind of cash too. It’s very easy…

Click on the banner below and try Vikinghits today. You will not regret it! - Get paid to surf

Vikinghits Traffic Exchange

Tip: Well this is a little obvious, but some people can miss this and I decided to write a few words about it. In each traffic exchange you have the option to upgrade to get more traffic and commissions, but upgrading in VikingHits it’s just common sense and smart thinking.

If you have the money for upgrade and the time to surf I highly recommend you to upgrade to the Warrior Plan.

This will give you $0.05 for each 100 pages surfed and higher commissions and a faster timer for each page your surf, just 6 seconds instead of 10 for the free members.

This can easily make you $1-$1.50 per day just from your own surfing! With this money you can pay for your upgrade and remain with a nice profit too.

If you promote this site(I can’t recommend this enough) and get referrals your earnings will be much higher and you will earn viral traffic from 5 levels deep of referrals.

Well, that’s it for today. Thanks for reading and I hope you will make a ton of traffic and money using


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  1. Nina says:

    Thanks! I’m a registered user but I did not understand how I can cashout the money I earn..if it’s possible, obv..

    • Claudiu says:

      Hi Nina,

      Sorry for replying so late, I was very busy this last month and totally forgot to answer to comments on this blog. Anyway if you see this message here is how to cashout your money from Vikinghits: you need to go to the Commissions section(you have a link in the menu) and on this page if you have enough money into your account a link for cashout will be displayed and you will easily get your payment. But if you don’t see any link, you probably don;t have the minimum amount for payout in your account yet. Just surf some more or get more refs and you will hit the minimum amount for payment faster. Thanks for visiting this blog and have a nice day!

      Kind Regards,

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