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What is a referral link

What is a referral link

What is a referral link

The referral link is the link through which you build your downline at a ptc sites or any kind of website that allows you to bring referrals and earn money on their activity.

The link can be in simple format just like you receive it from the ptc site. Here is an example of referral link:

It can be used as a text link like in the following example:

It can also be used as an image link (banner) like in the following example:


The html code for the image link is:

<a href=”” target=’_blank’ rel=’nofollow’>
<img border=”0″ src=”” width=”468″ height=”60″></a>

…where the first URL should be your referral link and the second URL should be the address where the banner as an image file is hosted.

The form of a referral link differs from one website to another as you’ll see within the accounts you have on ptc sites. Also if you use image links more often you’ll see that the html code for the banner is given to you in all the ptc sites.

The referral link is very important because  earning more money with ptc sites means bringing as many direct referrals as you can.

The direct referrals, most of the times, you get from posting your referral link in forums , comments on blogs.

Also promoting your referral link is the best way to increase your income with the ptc sites because it is free, it will cost you only a little bit of your time to post your link in different places.

I hope you’ll find this post useful and I also have to let you know that soon I wil add several posts in which I will show you how to bring referrals to your ptc accounts fast and easy.

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  2. Great Post! Some visitors have different comments and different opinions about what ever is being posted. However, I think everyone can agree that this is something every marketer should try.

  3. thanks for sharing such nice information about best ptc sites it really help me

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